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Defensive 9mm round question

This is a discussion on Defensive 9mm round question within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by TX expat Honestly you aren't going to get much in the way of 'real world tested and proven'. There are plenty of ...

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Thread: Defensive 9mm round question

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    Quote Originally Posted by TX expat View Post
    Honestly you aren't going to get much in the way of 'real world tested and proven'. There are plenty of good 9mm SD rounds available. My advice is pick something off this list ( Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo )and buy a hundred rounds and shoot 'em up. If the round works well and you shoot it well, then you are good. Otherwise, pick another and do the same thing over again.

    Everybody is going to have their idea on what 'the best' is. I know what round works well for me... However it only matters what works well in your specific pistol (no malfunctions, good combat accuracy). The most important factor is shot placement, so practice as much as you can; a well placed group of quick shots with junky Wolf FMJ is going to do a lot more to stop a bad guy than a poorly placed shot with the finest SD ammo. For the record, I'm not suggesting that you carry junk FMJ for SD, I'm just saying that your shot placement is going to be more of a factor than a Gold Dot vs. an HST vs. a Ranger-T.

    I have to partially disagree on what he said about the 115gr. I have used the 115gr +P+ if we look at the
    9BPLE the Federal Border Patrol, Dekald Co PD had good results with this load the Secret Service carried this round as well. The Winchester 115 +P+ Illinois State PD had outstanding results also I spoke to one of the crime scene investigators on how the round did in the winter months no problems he said.
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    I'm a fan of the hornady critical defense, I've carried them in my 45, 40, and need to get some for my 9. The videos on YouTube impressed me.

    Oth, I will never again buy federal hollowpoints. Worst feeding 9mm I've ever shot. The tip of the edge is really sharp and I believe that hinders its feeding.

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    Federal Premium 147 Grain Hydra-Shok JHP. I've never had any problems with it with my Ruger P95PR15.
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    I will be posting a series of videos on my youtube channel this summer regarding balistics. I will be doing more than just the typical "shoot into water jugs" testing.
    I will be testing in the following situations:

    shooting JHP through car doors and into balstic media
    shooting JHP through Pylwood and into balstic media
    shooting JHP through Drywall and into balstic media
    shooting JHP through car windows and into balstic media

    If you want your round tested feel free to post message me and we can work something out. I don't have the means to buy all the common hand gun rounds on the market to test them. I have the means to test every round except the .357sig.

    I would love to test some Gold Dots, Hornady Critical Duty/Critical Defense, Federal, Winchester, Etc. Post message me. for more details or sugestions. I would be glad to test your round!
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    try some different brands and see what feeds with out jamming; bullet configs are like funny sometimes you never know what works

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    Update I shot some hornaday critical defense and federal 147gr hydrashock. I decided on the hydrashocks ands that's what I am carrying. Thanks for the tips hopefully this thread will help others as well.

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    Corbons 115+P jhp already has an excellent street record in stopping BG!

    Here's a video showing the viewer the power of this ammo!

    Cor-Bon 115gr 9mm JHP +P - Ammo test - YouTube

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    I've carried Winchester Ranger T,and Federal HST,but I just ordered Speer Gold Dots 124+P from sgammo,the GD's are designed to remain intact when going thru barriers such as auto glass etc.
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