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Kel-Tec P3 AT Ammo help... bad situation.

This is a discussion on Kel-Tec P3 AT Ammo help... bad situation. within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As for reliability with your chosen ammo, have a gunsmith with Kel-Tec experience check for "smileys". Rounds in the magazine may strike the base of ...

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Thread: Kel-Tec P3 AT Ammo help... bad situation.

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    As for reliability with your chosen ammo, have a gunsmith with Kel-Tec experience check for "smileys". Rounds in the magazine may strike the base of the feed ramp under recoil, causing a smile shaped cut on the nose of the bullet. Poor accuracy, damaged hollowpoints, or, worse, a setback bullet may result. two of my fellow gunshop employees carry the .380 (NOTE: as BUGs) and both had this problem. Easy fix, though. Both carry 102gr Gold Saber after testing in wet newspaper, but really any premium JHP should be fine.

    And I just happen to know such a gunsmith in central FL....

    Hope all turns out well.

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    Speer gold dot's feed just fine in mine.

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    No problems here with Gold Dots or Golden Sabers in my 1st gen or my young bride's 2nd gen.
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    It all depends... Ammo can also vary on lots too. With such a small firearm, I'm more inclined to keep FMJs (Magtech 71grain for me) in the pipe and in the carrier. The only problem then is being aware of the back stop. The only reason I'm even a little apprehensive about JHPs (Mine it a P32, not a P3AT, thought I don't see much difference between the two calibers) is lack of penetration. I do agree with what else has been said in regards to break in time though. While they are great little back up guns, they are a bit finicky... I would suggest thinking about a more suitable primary weapon. I'm biased mostly towards Glock for the simplicity in their mechanism and reliability, but if he would rather a revolver or a nice 1911, I think he would be in better shape...

    Though I do in some part believe that if your attacker has a long gun, you're better off with a long gun... Proximity would be the key there... If he is so high up in the company, I do believe it to be in part their responsibility to protect him, at the very least while at work...

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    Putting aside my own Keltec problems, I highly recommend that your father run numerous different rounds through the gun, to find what it will reliably take. Just because brand A rounds work in one person's gun, doesn't mean that they will work in yours. Guns can be finicky, even between guns of the same model. FMJ bullets will tend to feed the most reliably, but will not offer the stopping power that you need in a small caliber. Try Corbon Pow'rball, as one person recommended, or Federal Expanding point FMJ. These will feed like FMJ, but will expand like hollow points. Actually, they will work better, since it is possible for clothing, especially denim and leather, can clog the hollow point, and reduce expansion, In any event, you and your father have my best wishes.

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    Here's some links to the fluff and buff which should be performed on the small Kels:

    Proper lubrication:

    Advanced Fluff and Buff

    I carry 73 grain Fiocchi 32acp in my Kel. I want the penetration from these sub calibers, and do not believe expansion should be relied on with these at all. My wife and I both have them, both have been F+Buffed right out of the box. I also ordered the 11# spring set from Wolff springs for ours, to give more reliable function with the hotter ammo.

    Hope the GF's father stay sharp and safe.

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