Chrono fun

Chrono fun

This is a discussion on Chrono fun within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It is a rare day that I break out the chrono to test factory loads. Yesterday was one of those days as I had a ...

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Thread: Chrono fun

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    Chrono fun

    It is a rare day that I break out the chrono to test factory loads. Yesterday was one of those days as I had a bunch of .22WM, .25ACP and shotshell loads I wanted to try.

    Here is a photo of today’s toys:

    From the top: Marlin 375 (.375 Win), Browning B92 (.44 Mag), Ithaca Model 49 (.22LR), Beretta 950B (.25ACP), Ruger Blackhawk (.357 Mag), Ruger Super single Six (.22WM). This was the first time shooting the .25ACP, which I acquired a few days ago.

    One thing I learned today, which I already suspected, is that with shot shell you had better be very close if you want to get hits on small targets like a mouse or even a rat.

    Another thing I learned, also no surprise, is that there is a reason they call the .25ACP a “mouse gun”. After chronoing the loads I shot some water bottles. My preferred carry pistols are .45ACP, 9mm and sometimes .380, in that order. The .25ACP may get carried alone at times, but my confidence in its stopping power isn’t that great. Shoot the BGs three times, maybe? Glad I ordered a second magazine for it.

    First the chrono results, then the water bottle results:

    Ithaca Model 49 single-shot lever-action 22LR
    832fps = 5 shot average, Remington 33g HP CBee22LR (50 pack)
    1273fps = 3 shot average, old Remington 40g HP High Velocity .22LR (250 pack, # 1522A)
    1300fps =4 shot average, newer Remington 40g HP High Velocity .22LR (525 pack, # 1622C)

    1194fps = 1 shot, Winchester No. 12 shot LR (50 pack, X22LRS)

    Ruger Super Single Six .22 Win Mag
    1326fps = 5 shot average, Hornady 45g FTX Critical Defense (50 pack, # 83200)
    1368fps = 5 shot average, CCI 40g JHP Maxi-Mag (50 pack, # 0024)
    1494fps = 6 shot average, Winchester 33g JHP 22 Win Mag (50 pack, # S22WM)
    1568fps = 5 shot average, Hornady 30g V-MAX (50 pack, # 83202)

    Beretta 950B 6.25 (.25ACP)
    812fps – 3 shot average, Federal American Eagle 50g FMJ (50 pack, # AE25AP)
    927fps = 3 shot average, Speer 35g Gold Dot (20 pack, # 23602)

    Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum
    848fps = 2 shot average, CCI 100g (1/4 oz) #9 shot 38 SPL/357 Magnum shotshell (10 pack, # 3837)
    1467fps = 2 shot average, handload (20.2g H110, 125f Hornady XTP, CCI 550 primer)

    Note on the shot shells:
    Each of the first two shells misfired the first time. Both fired the second time they were tried. A third fired the first time but was not chrono’d.

    Browning B92 lever-action .44 Mag
    1490fps = 1 shot, handload, 20.0g H110, 300g Speer UCSP
    1799fps = 1 shot, handload, 24.0g H110, 240g Speer JSP

    Water Jug tests
    The water jugs were what I had in the truck, a case of Aquafina 16.9 ounce bottles. I shot 8 in the tests but was able to reuse one for a 9th shot. All I wanted to see was how destructive the various .22LR and .25ACP loads were. Unless noted otherwise, the bottles were full and standing upgright. Only one bottle was used for each shot. Here are the results:

    (Note HI = Hole In, HO = Hole Out)

    HI, HO = .25ACP, American Eagle 50g FMJ (812fps avg)
    HI, HO lengthwise = .25ACP, American Eagle 50g FMJ (812fps avg)
    HI, HO + 4” tear = .25ACP, Speer 35g Gold Dot (927fps avg)

    HI + 2” tear, HO + 6” tear = .22WM, Winchester 33g JHP (1494fps avg)
    HI + 2” tear, HO = 22WM, CCI 40g JHP (1368fps avg)
    HI, HO + 2” tear = .22WM, Hornady 30g V-MAX ( 1568fps avg)
    HI + 6” tear, HO + 1” tear = .22WM, Hornady 45g FTX (1326fps avg)

    HI + 7” tear, HO + 3/4” tear = .22LR (Ithaca rifle), Remington 40g HP (1273fps avg)

    On a bottle with 3” water remaining:
    HI, HO + 2” tear + blew 1/2” hole in center of bottom = .22LR (Ithaca rifle), Remington 40g HP (1273fps avg)

    The .375 Win was saved for the long range as I was just freeing up some brass that is currently occupied by Sierra 200g JSP bullets. They have never been as accurate as my Hornady 220g loads and I’ve been playing with them at long range (600 yards today, out to 500 a couple weeks ago). The wind came up when I got to the long range and after 4 shots I decided I was just wasting bullets. (Freeing up the brass is one thing, but I still like to hit my targets…)

    All In all a very good day.
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    Great fun! Fun to test. Fun to read.

    I think the .22 rat shot load is the most surprising thing chronographed. I'd have never guessed that shot load would have made those kind of velocities.

    That .44 Magnum load with the 24.0 grains of H 110 is good stuff. I have a standard load that uses much the same powder charge and chronographed them in a friend's Winchester 94 carbine, the first small run of them in around 1970. Low 1800 fps range was what I got. Plenty of thump to 100 yards.
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