Aguila Ammo Question

Aguila Ammo Question

This is a discussion on Aguila Ammo Question within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi All, Anyone have any experience (good or bad) with Aguila ammo? I'm looking to increase my stock of .223 practice ammo, and it looks ...

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Thread: Aguila Ammo Question

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    Aguila Ammo Question

    Hi All,

    Anyone have any experience (good or bad) with Aguila ammo?

    I'm looking to increase my stock of .223 practice ammo, and it looks like Aguila is about the best deal out there for brass-cased stuff. (I don't choose to use steel-case ammo). I don't have any experience with Aguila.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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    Made at the old Remington plant down in Mexico.

    I've always had good luck with it in pistol rounds; never used it in .223, but can;t see why it would be any different.
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    I bought some back during the .380 shortage because it was all tha could be found at the time. It fired fine and I have held onto some for my stockpile.
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    Bought some in .45 and .40S&W. It's actually pretty clean... More so than WWB... Fired casings smell like tacos. Seriously though, It's fine ammo.

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    Rimington is still a major holder in the plant, and they are a major supplier of military ammo to other parts of the world. I have never heard of a problem with thier products, and it is may favorite fmj 9mm practice ammo. I will give you a little more. The only negitives I can find on running the modern Polyformace Wolf in .223 is swiching to .556 brass before cleaning the chamber. It appears the slightly short .223 case causes some residue that can casuse a .556 brass case to stick, clean the chamber problem solved. In a blind accuracy test with Wolf .223 62gr. SP in the test with I think 5 other premium brands, Wolf was the most accuarte in the test. I run Wolf in my own AR, but would not run steel in my pistols, but I appears to be fine in an AR. Should you ever develop a problem on an AR you can cheaply replace a bolt in seconds.

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    I've used their 9MM FMJ with no problem

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    I've used their sub-sonic .22 LR rounds. Super silent and go bang every time.

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    I used to have some of the Aguila .22 they were full power not the quiet ones. Also had some .40 hollowpoints that were crazy. They were around 90 grain fragmenting hollow points. Shot a deer in the head with one(already wounded from rifle shot) and it make a heck of a hole.
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