Here you go. Here is the ACE Conversion of a .45ACP 1911 to .45 SUPER.
The following parts are included in the conversion kit:
  1. Guide Rod & Buffer System with Dual Recoil (32 lb. total) Springs and Recoil Spring Plug (pin take-down style)
  2. Heavy Duty Firing Pin Spring and Firing Pin (fits series 70 or 80)
  3. Heavy Duty Extractor (fits series 70 or 80)
  4. Extended Ejector
  5. Oversize Firing Pin Stop
  6. One 7 round Stainless Steel Combat 1911 Magazine (no magazine is supplied with Para-Ordinance conversion kits)

Note: Some machine work is required.
While some steps of the 45Super®conversion process can be performed by individuals, some steps will require gunsmith expertise and should not be attempted by unqualified individuals. Ace Custom 45's recommends that this conversion kit be installed completely by a qualified competent gunsmith familiar with the .45 ACP Government Model pistol.

NOTE: All 4 1/4" model pistols must be limited to the "45Super"® Tactical Loads! COLT 1911 STYLE "GUNSMITH FIT" "45SUPER®" CONVERSION KITS:
(includes S&H)
Item# SK-1

Ace Custom 45s, Inc.