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For those that carry 40 Cal.

This is a discussion on For those that carry 40 Cal. within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I only carry Federal HST 180g JHP in my SIG. Sent from Transformer Prime...

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Thread: For those that carry 40 Cal.

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    I only carry Federal HST 180g JHP in my SIG.

    Sent from Transformer Prime

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    I usually carry 165 gr. Gold Dots or Golden Saber in my Glock 23 but have no problem with using 155 gr or 180 gr.

    Same analogy goes for my Glock 21 and 36 in .45 ACP. I prefer 230 gr. Gold Dots or Golden Saber but will use 185 gr HP if that is all that is available.

    Proper shot placement and the one on the receiving end will not be able to tell the difference as to what weight HP bullet you are shooting them with.

    FMJ are for practice only for me.

    I do not and would not carry a semi-auto for self-defense if it would not reliably feed HP ammo.

    My 1964 Browning Hi Power reliably feeds Federal 9BP 115 gr JHP and is still in the carry rotation because of this fact.

    Life's to short and to valuable to carry second best ammo.

    "Violence is seldom the answer, but when it is the answer it is the only answer".

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigStick View Post
    Not saying I agree with what I'm about to say either way, but would having ZOMBIE MAX in your gun be a liability if you went to a jury after a SD shooting? An adept prosecutor could use that to make you out to be a paranoid looking for something to shoot in the head. Or is thinking that way too paranoid?
    Might be a little paranoid. Then again, prosecutors can make hay out of anything (e.g. "You practice with your gun often because you fantasize about killing people, don't you?"). I just don't worry about this kind of thing to that degree. You could drive yourself batty with this stuff.

    That said, I think the whole zombie thing is stupid. If they weren't $3 more for the same exact thing, I would have the Critical Defense instead.
    Whatever doesn't kill you postpones the inevitable.

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    No. My department only gives me HPs to use in my 2 .40s. Even if they didn't, I still wouldn't use ball ammo for SD.
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    I voted no. I won't carry FMJ ammo because of what might be behind the threat if ever used in that capacity. It'll go through (if it doesn't hit something real hard) and maybe thru 2 or 3 more .I want to carry something that will expand upon impact with less chance of a thru & thru. Good for targets though.

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    LOTUS222.....Awesome video..thank you.. I carry a Glock 23 with those same exact loads..180grn HST...Over 500 rounds with no prob at all..MY EDC without a worry at all !!!!!!!
    "Be not ye afraid of them: remember the LORD, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses." Nehemiah 4:14

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    165 Gold Dot JHP actually looks like in ballistic Gel it expands greater with the permanent cavitation than a 180 gr gold dot jhp. Also it does a better job through windshields and other bazaar media according to some police data on the caliber - i read that somewhere. Bigger may not be better in this instance - 1150 velocity with gold dot is moving for a 165 gr - lots of damage. Mas Ayoob says its his preference over 180 gr.

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    I use ammo that tends to deliver all of it's energy inside the target.
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
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    Quote Originally Posted by SATCHMO1960 View Post
    LOTUS222.....Awesome video..thank you.. I carry a Glock 23 with those same exact loads..180grn HST...Over 500 rounds with no prob at all..MY EDC without a worry at all !!!!!!!
    Glad you liked it. Honestly, I have only recently taken the time to try to understand ballistics of different ammunition. In the past I had just shrugged and thought... JHP? It'll get the job done. While that is true, I want to take full advantage of the advancements in technology over the past several years. If only I could tangibly get my hands on some ammo right now... No online vendors, no local dealers, no one has any HST's in stock... If someone has a link, I would be much appreciated.

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    FMJ's like the WWB lose their jacket when hitting an object and then lose weight and fragment and might not penetrate the target

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    I have both a 45acp & 40sw that I carry on a regular basis. Lately, I find that I prefer to carry a 155gr that I reloaded myself in the 40sw.

    It may be because I'm getting older (or just a phase), but, I find myself liking a lighter & hotter bullet right now.


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    I carry Federal 165 grain HST JHP in my M&P40 on a daily basis. From time to time I carry my Gen4 Glock22 loaded with Federal 180 grain HST JHP. I would not carry FMJ in any caliber among the public in fear of a pass through if I had to use deadly force. Although a pass through can happen with Jacketed Hollow Points the likely hood is reduced.

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    165 grain JHPs in my Glock 23...

    People can bash .40 SW all they want...I like it, I'm comfortable with it...

    I also own a 9mm and have no problem using it as an EDC, but I just like my G23...
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    I voted no. I like the idea of creating a bigger, tearing wound in the bad guy supplied by a hollow point round.Over penetration with FMJ with lighter, faster 40 rounds (135, 155 grain) is a real concern as well. Most modern day 1911's will accept and feed hollowpoint ammunition because of better design. Even though the 1911 was designed with 230 grain hardball in mind in 1911 dosen't mean that is the best option in 2012. Same can be said for most rounds. JUst because you can carry full metal jacket rounds, dosen't mean you should.

    If police departments around the country thought hardball rounds would stop criminals better than HP rounds, they would issue them.

    My carry round is Speer Gold Dot, 180 grain.
    I practice the 2nd Amendment....alot

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    I've spoke to a few people via the Internet that say they carry fmj in service calibers but of all the many people I know personally, both LEO and non, every one of them carry a modern jhp defense round in all of their weapons.

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