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.45 ACP vs wild boar

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Thread: .45 ACP vs wild boar

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    That is one tough pork steak!
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    10MM Glock is the best pig medicine out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nedrgr21 View Post
    That was one of the most interesting reads I've seen in a while. Thanks for sharing.
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    When I lived in TX, I shot a few feral pigs and one big guy that was probably a Russian cross. 12g Slugs or .308 variants are my preference, but lots of friends used ARs, one preferred his .44 Mag and I've heard of hunters using .357. Shooting him off a stand, I wouldn't have a problem with a handgun - you can wait for the right shot (first one I shot, I went with traditional vitals, but that screwed up the far-side ribs. After that I switched to neck shots).

    On the ground with an attacking boar? I'd want something that I could send lots of really big heavy bullets his direction quickly. An AR might work also.

    The one time I squared off with a charger, I was glad it was from behind a tree with my 12g filled with slugs instead of a bolt action rifle. For some reason, at about 30' with my finger on the trigger and sights on him he stopped, grunted several times, wheeled and ran. I'm sure I would've dropped him, but I was glad I didn't have to as it was getting dark and we'd just dropped two of his buddies about a mile from the truck - we didn't need to dress and ruck a third!

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    I have seen the 357 mag mentioned a couple times in this thread. Is the 357 potent enough for hogs?

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    I think a 9mm would have done the same thing. piss off the boar until you put one in the head, then ...
    I'd almost prefer a decent boar spear than a small pistol. For millennia, this was the method. Depending on the size of the animal, if on the ground with pistol in hand, my money would be on the average good-sized boar being able to shrug off small-caliber bullets, certainly sufficiently long to eviscerate the target.
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    Why didn't he take a second shot with the rifle?

    Maybe he needs to invest in a .460 Rowland conversion for his .45 acp.

    Any video's of the people who hunt boar with a knife? :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Wisewolf View Post
    I have seen the 357 mag mentioned a couple times in this thread. Is the 357 potent enough for hogs?
    With the right gun and bullet, the .357 is potent enough. Corbon makes a .357 200Gr Hard Cast Lead Bullet (Velocity: 1150 fps, Energy: 587 ftlbs). With a large frame .357 with a four inch or longer barrel, plenty potent.

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    There is some guy's that I know that hunt hog's and they cut the hog with a knife once the catch dog's catch them. He has a pic of one that weighed 427 lbs that hang's on his office wall with his knife laying on top. I asked him did he shoot it with the revolver, he carry a 41 mag for backup. He told me the first time he cut one that he was pretty nervous. There is a video on Gamo website where a guy shoot's one with a pellet gun between the eye's and drop's it. My dad and I have killed a few pen raised hog's with a .22, but they was standing still point blank range. If I was hunting them with a bow, I wouldn't have nothing smaller than a .357, my Super Redhawk 44 mag is my first choice. There is a bunch of video's where they shoot them with .223's behind the ear, but on an already P.O boar that's chargeing I want something that's gonna penatrate and stop the bacon.
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    Hogs are tough, and mean, and want to eat you as much as you want to eat them. They're not called the "poor mans grizzly" for nothing.
    I've hunted them for over thirty years...and taken several charges.
    My closest call was with a boar I had shot in the head with a load of 12ga. OO buck from about 20 yards... blew about a third of it's head away, had brains hanging out of the wound and still mustered a charge.
    He fell over dead about 10 yards past me...after I attempted to climb a ten foot pine tree...ever see a 230 lb man in a ten foot pine? I probably looked like a lollipop.

    I can laugh now, but it wasn't funny at the time.
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    It's good that the group had a lot of time to react to the boar. If it was a much closer encounter (with a non-pre-wounded boar) I cannot imagine feeling safe with just 7 x .45
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    Quote Originally Posted by nedrgr21 View Post
    I also found that to be a very interesting and informative article. Thanks for posting!
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    Does anybody else have a craving for pork-chops now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockrocker View Post
    Does anybody else have a craving for pork-chops now?
    There's a shoulder swimming in bbq sauce in the crock pot as I type this.
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    Our Para-rescue guys in Alaska carried 10" .44 Magnums for bear protection.
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    I've seen similar videos from texas hog hunts with .44 mags. Hogs are hard to kill, no doubt about it!

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