What kind of sd ammo do you feed your glock 30?

This is a discussion on What kind of sd ammo do you feed your glock 30? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I made up some of my own balistic gel from stuff I got a walmart, only had enough to make one block of it ...

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Thread: What kind of sd ammo do you feed your glock 30?

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    Well I made up some of my own balistic gel from stuff I got a walmart, only had enough to make one block of it which was 12 inches long, went out and shot it with my G30 at prob a range of 7-8 feet I used 4 different types of ammo, winchester Ranger T's, PDX1, Gold Dots, and Federal HST, all opened up the Ranger and HST opened the most and the speer and PDX1 not as far, all made it through the gel except for the Ranger T, the Ranger and HST made the biggest wound channels, here is the pic from left to right PDX1, Gold Dot, Ranger T, HST, all were 230g rounds... Rounds test.jpg

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    I'm not a .45 guy (yet) but from all of my research, the best bullet designs out there right now are Federal's HST, Winchester's Ranger-T and Speer's Gold Dot. Barnes DPX bullets are also impressive but are too expensive for my tastes.

    I would trust my life to any of those rounds in any duty caliber.

    I carry HSTs in all of my handguns.
    This is what I would primarily recommend. Either this or the +P variety.
    50 rd box - 45 Auto Federal HST 230gr HP hollow point LE ammo P45HST2 | SGAmmo.com
    I would not carry FMJs unless I had to.
    230gr FMJ: 45ACP CCI Blazer 230gr FMJ impacting ballistic gelatin - YouTube vs 230gr HP :SLOW MOTION 45ACP Federal 230gr Hydra-Shok impacting ballistic gelatin - YouTube

    The previous test on Youtube went well but Hydra-shoks are an old bullet design. They don't work as well as any of the bullet designs I listed above. Golden Sabers also tend to fall into this category as well but the Bonded version is an improvement.
    If possible, buy your ammo in 50 round L.E. packaging, normally only sold to LEOs and at about half of the cost of comparable ammo in 20 round civilian packaging.

    Lyodbraun, I would not expect any HP bullet to expand when shot into dry sand. Unlike soft point bullets, hollow points need fluid to hydraulically force the bullet to expand. Glad you got a successful test and shared the results. That Ranger-T looks nasty when expanded!

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    The list on the first page is the best choices. All will perform more or less the same, terminal-wise.

    OP should find one of the rounds that feeds 100% reliably, and he finds controllable and accurate when HE shoots it, as opposed to what works in somebody else's pistol.

    After that, he should stock up on it and not worry about what other people are using. He should definitley not worry about how various rounds perform when shot into the sand barrel, homebrew "buhlisztiks jel", mud, or the Sunday roast.
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    There is a reason they try and make small bullets act like big bullets--Glockmann10mm

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    My G30 has winchester ranger t-series 230 gr in it.
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