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Do you carry extra ammunition or magazines daily?

This is a discussion on Do you carry extra ammunition or magazines daily? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yes I do. Always one spare magazine, sometimes two. Here is my normal carry gear load out......

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Thread: Do you carry extra ammunition or magazines daily?

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    Yes I do. Always one spare magazine, sometimes two.

    Here is my normal carry gear load out...
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    At 12 +1 in my XD-40 and a P3AT BUG, I rarely cary an extra mag. If I've only got the KelTec, I always carry an extra. If I find a mag carrier that I actually like, I might change my ways.
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    2 mags for what ever I'm carrying, on my belt weak side hip.

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    Always carry at least 1 extra magazine.

    If I'm belt carrying it's usually one, my shoulder rig has room for two, so why not?
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    Aug 2005
    Acworth, GA
    13+1 in the gun, 13 more in a second mag on the other side of the belt. I use a Blackhawk CQC carbon fiber mag holder.

    I may start looking for a mag holder that rides closer to the belt. The Blackhawk's modular clip system makes it stick out a bit.

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    St. James, Missouri
    I carry a least one or two extra mags either in a pouch on my shoulder holster or belt or in my back pocket.

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    No I do not carry extra ammo on a daily basis.

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    Off duty no , always bug
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    Yes, one Safariland Comp2 with 6 more .357's riding in a Bianchi pouch. Not that I think I'll ever need them, just makes me feel better.


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    5 round speedstrip in my front pocket when carrying my 642
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    VIP Member Array rodc13's Avatar
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    San Antonio, Texas
    If I'm carrying a semi-auto, I'll carry an extra mag. If carrying a revolver, usually a speed strip.

    My typical carry outfit is an Ultra CDP II IWB w/ 1 extra 7rd mag IWB, plus a P3AT in a pocket holster w/ 1 extra 6rd mag in the opposite pocket. As has been mentioned, it's not just a need for additional ammo, but a hedge against a mag failure (even though my Wilson mags have never failed).
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    Crystal River, Florida
    I carry three spare 9 round Glock 27 magazines in the door pocket of my car and one loaded with snakeshot..........What good are they at home ?

    I also have three on my night stand...............

    When I go to the range I load them all with practice ammo and enjoy being able to shoot out all the magazines while the range is hot and use the cold time to reload the magazines................I can get in a lot more practice that way in a shorter amout of time........

    I always use the standard 9 round Model 27 magazines and they all have Scherer plus zero extensions, except for the snakeshot magazine, which doesn't have and extension, so I can pick it out in a hurry............

    I load my magazines with .40 caliber Federal Bonded hollow points (180 Grains) and practice with 180 grain ammo.........

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    Member Array Manwell's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Newnan, GA
    I carry a spare 12 round (.40 S&W) mag most of the time in a rig that also holds my Surefire 6P. Statistically speaking, in a self-defense situation I will not expend the 13 rounds in my weapon.


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    Senior Member Array Joshua M. Smith's Avatar
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    One in the gun and two spares, 15 round 9mm, carried in a mag pouch on my weak side. Two reasons: First, I look for mag failure even with factory and Mec-Gar mags. I don't trust hardware. Been dealing with machinery too long to trust any of it. Second, firepower. Chances are very slim I'd need 45 rounds but one never knows.

    As well, I carry the backup about 75% of the time. I do not have a spare mag for it; it's a Romanian copy of the PPK (a Carpati M.95) and I cannot find a spare mag for it. When it becomes primary out of necessity it would be nice to have a reload for it.

    Josh <><

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    New Hampshire
    When I'm light with a Kahr 9mm model MK9 I carry one spare mag.
    When I'm heavy with a S&W .45ACP model 4516-2 I carry two spare mags.
    I also always carry a S&W folding knife, a Surefire 6P light and a cell phone.
    "There is no such thing as too much ammo. Unless you're swimming!"

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