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Winchester Silver Tip Hollow Point for self defense

This is a discussion on Winchester Silver Tip Hollow Point for self defense within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by gregcheck WOW, I'm sorry I did not mean to leave you out Blades...geeze relax, ( you seem a little testy or maybe ...

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Thread: Winchester Silver Tip Hollow Point for self defense

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregcheck View Post
    WOW, I'm sorry I did not mean to leave you out Blades...geeze relax, ( you seem a little testy or maybe I'm just reading it that way) let us have your input too, now remember its only myself & my wife in the home no kids or anyone who would be deemed a causality of " friendly fire" no neighbors to worry about, just the protection of us in my own home, which only has one door in and out of that room
    Would opening the door to verify the target, say then now's the BG is in the room with us... would this be consider some type of entrapment? or lying in wait kind of charge when I choose to use deadly force since I opened the door? ( I'm assuming you ARE a lawyer by your above reply) and I do also realize we do live in different states. I'm looking for your opinion on the above.... be easy on me....
    Sorry if I seemed "testy", I didn't mean to and apologize.
    I just didn't want you to limit your responses to LE, because they may just give their opinion like everyone else. An attorney who knows your city and state laws would hopefully tell you correctly.
    In my opinion, if you are "afraid for your life" then shoot to stop the threat.

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    Winchester Silver Tip Hollow Point for self defense

    Quote Originally Posted by gregcheck View Post
    Hi all,
    I wanted to get some feed back on the winchester sthp ammo.
    I was considering using this as carry ammo for my glock 27 40 s&w,I'm sure there's better ammo out
    there but how would you rate this round, good / bad? looks like a claim of 500ft lbs at the muzzle with 1205fps. I do not see any mention of the barrel length that these specs came from.
    Now with the above being said would you consider the federal hyrda-shock a better round out of the two choices?
    Any insight/ thoughts
    In regards to the Silver Tip ammo, When I was in LE, I carried 9mm Silver Tips, I attended FBI Range Master's Class where they used and tested the round, it came highly recomened by our instructors.
    I had the missfortune of having to use DF while on duty, I was carrying S&W 459 with Win Silvertips I highly recomend this round for self defense.

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    I used the 155 gr. WW-STHP in my G27 for years until they went over $40.00/box and became very difficult to find. IIRC there were quite a few reports from law enforcement about its ability to incapacitate quickly and stop the fight. This could well be because it was one of the first "high performance" .40 S&W rounds available to them.

    My experience with the round was that it was very accurate and never a FTF/FTE. I can also tell you it is a hot round compared to the 165 gr. GD's I carry now with a pronounced muzzle flash and damn loud from the G27 making regular practice necessary to handle it in this size gun.
    All said and done I think you would be well served if you can find them regularly and at a sane price.
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    The Silver Tip 145 grain .357 magnum loads had a good reputation for effectiveness in the field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    It must be asked if the fabrication of the SilverTip bullet of the 1980s/1990s is the same as that currently offered.

    "Old school isn't good school when it comes to ammo."

    Such a statement asserts a premise but provides no evidence detailing specifics.

    "They don't even use nickle plated cases!"

    What difference does it make whether the cases are nickel-plated or not? Will it matter to the assailant? Will it matter to the shooter?

    "If you're serious about self defense..."

    I'm serious about self-defense. Here's the ammo choice. Old School lead bullet technology in .38 Special. "Look maw, no jacket at all!"

    It's liberating to get off of the boutique "ammo du jour" merry-go-round on which marketers manipulate those concerned with self-defense. Folks ought to try it sometime.
    BTW, those old school all lead bullets you have shown next to the revolver are great expanders. Silver Tips work great. Nosler bullets also work great.

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    I too am very interested in this thread because the Silvertip HP was THE round for a long time. So much so that I still find myself wanting to use them. However, I'm thinking that the Remington Golden Sabre is every bit as good, and likely better, and easier to find on shelves.
    I dunno.

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