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WOW, I'm sorry I did not mean to leave you out Blades...geeze relax, ( you seem a little testy or maybe I'm just reading it that way) let us have your input too, now remember its only myself & my wife in the home no kids or anyone who would be deemed a causality of " friendly fire" no neighbors to worry about, just the protection of us in my own home, which only has one door in and out of that room
Would opening the door to verify the target, say then now's the BG is in the room with us... would this be consider some type of entrapment? or lying in wait kind of charge when I choose to use deadly force since I opened the door? ( I'm assuming you ARE a lawyer by your above reply) and I do also realize we do live in different states. I'm looking for your opinion on the above.... be easy on me....
Sorry if I seemed "testy", I didn't mean to and apologize.
I just didn't want you to limit your responses to LE, because they may just give their opinion like everyone else. An attorney who knows your city and state laws would hopefully tell you correctly.
In my opinion, if you are "afraid for your life" then shoot to stop the threat.