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Wet Ammo?

This is a discussion on Wet Ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Modern ammo can get wet and stay good to go. Depends on how tight crimp around the round is and how well the primer is ...

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Thread: Wet Ammo?

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    Modern ammo can get wet and stay good to go. Depends on how tight crimp around the round is and how well the primer is glued in :-D i have taken my G19 diving off the coast with me and plugged a few rounds into the ocean floor :-D worked fine and the ammo was good afterwards.

    Better quality ammo tends to stand up to water much better.

    Your cor-bons should be fine. But i would replace it for CC. just to be safe.

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    I've washed and dried ammo and had no issues. As a test I submerged a bunch of different ammo, from range FMJ to premium JHP, in salt water for 5+ weeks. No issues. I also submerged ammo in WD40 and Hoppe's #9. only a few rounds, not all, of rimfire failed after 5 weeks in #9.
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    I agree with smitty, i ride a Motorcycle also when it gets wet it becomes range ammo, I want no doubts when I carry and have never had a wet round that has failed but don't want to wonder...
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    Just buy new ammo. Cheap insurance IMO
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    One should use a commercial primer sealer (available from MidwayUSA and elsewhere) to seal the primers and mouths of commercial ammunition.

    Military ammunition is already sealed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankmako View Post
    i wash and dryed one mag full of 380. had some of the best looking rounds after the wash/dry. they shot just like new. so your ammo is ok.
    I could see that happening just about everything else ends up in the washer.

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    I think quite some time ago on this forum someone soaked ammo in water a day or more for a test, it
    shot fine.

    Wet ammo from rain is no problem, just think if it was we would have to temporarily stop fighting
    wars just so each side could dry their ammo.

    The problem is rusting of the mag----get some plastic bags.

    Salt water can be a problem for some ammo, mostly corrosion issues; however, in the case of
    alu cases it can cause weakness of the case and the case may split which may or may not be a serious
    problem or just cause jamming. This last para is a short version of what I was told by Blazer customer
    service when I called them to discuss a case splitting issue I was having with alu cased ammo
    I got from a friends estate.

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