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Very First firearm: Questions

This is a discussion on Very First firearm: Questions within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you haven't done so yet I would go to a range that rents firearms and shoot both a 9mm and a .40 to see ...

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Thread: Very First firearm: Questions

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    If you haven't done so yet I would go to a range that rents firearms and shoot both a 9mm and a .40 to see if you shoot both well. I would also shoot as many different manufacturers as you can afford. You'll be married to this thing for a while so it seems prudent to make the most informed purchase you can.

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    Thanks all!

    I'm not new to shooting, just new to owning! I have shot a lot of different calibers, and the .40 has become my favorite. It's powerful, I'm accurate with it, I'm comfortable with it, and the recoil isn't too bad. Anything smaller like a 9mm seemed under powered to me, especially for defense against animals (I backpack, camp a lot in bear areas) And rounds like the .45 or the 357 felt uncomfortable to shoot. Maybe it was the gun? However, great advice on the .22 to get in cheap practice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdhog View Post
    Thanks MedicMan!
    How about the different grains? I understand that a heaver one will be slower, but the extra mass will exert more force on the target. And the opposite for lighter rounds. How does that factor into my decision making process?
    Like someone else said, the weight difference in the lead doesn't make that much of a difference.
    I carry 165gr. Why? Because my XD likes those better than the same bullet in 180gr.
    Yes, heavier is slower and lighter is faster....but by how much? A couple hundred ft/sec? Lets face it...its a bullet, it will be fast!
    Maybe the 180gr will exert more force than the 165gr would but how many people have you ever heard of say that they were thankful they got hit with a 165gr rather than a 180gr? NOBODY!
    If your gun shoots it well, you can handle it and it is reliable in your gun then you have found a winner.
    It may cost you a little money, at first, to find the load you like best but once you find something you like I would shoot at least 100 of em to make sure you gun will eat it with no problems.
    Thats one reason I like the Winchester Rangers. Whereas most SD ammo comes in a box of 20 for 20.00-30.00 you can get a box of 50 Rangers for about 30.00......if you can find em.
    That and they are a fantastic SD round in my opinion.
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    I have a Sig P250 .45 subcompact with night sights. I love it and I don't think the recoil of the .45 is bad at all. It works great and is good to conceal on my smaller frame. I don't think the full size would be very good to conceal, but for a guy it might be OK. I even wish my P250 sc would be a little smaller for concealment. Another thing to consider on the subcompact though is that some of the calibers are not available for extended mags. Figured that out after buying the .45, so now I'm stuck with 6 bullets and had to get a holster for a spare mag. Also, your pinky might likely not fit on the grip of a sc without the extended mag.

    I would get the P250 in sc for carry and a .22 plinker as others have stated. The .357 Sig might be more prohibitive as well as far as ammo prices for manufactuer specialized ammo.
    Sig P250 .45 Subcompact
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