My eyes were recently opened to the wonders of .45 Super. I've attached some websites of ammo manufacturers that tell the tale. 1300fps in a 185gr round is a hefty load! I've done some research into how to convert my G36 to a .45 Super and have heard conflicting numbers about what weight of recoil spring I should use. G36 come with a 17lb recoil spring and I know I want a heavier spring but don't know if I should jump to 19lb, 21lb, or even 23lb. I have half a mind to buy all of them and just try it out, however, some advice would be nice. Does anyone have personal experience with this load or have resource I can look to that will let me know what spring weight to go with? Thanks for the input.

45 Super 185 Grain Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 50