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This is a discussion on Ammo for 642 within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Remington Golder Sabers 125 gr +P. But reading these posts, I can honestly say I wouldn't want to be shot by any of the quoted ...

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Thread: Ammo for 642

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    Remington Golder Sabers 125 gr +P.

    But reading these posts, I can honestly say I wouldn't want to be shot by any of the quoted loads.

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    I am in vintage Nyclad 125's for another couple weeks, and then hope to have found or ordered some FBI loads. I'd be happy with what you have, if it was around, though I like the 135 Short Barrel rounds I found for my .357 just slightly better because of less flash and a little more weight.

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    My 442 sports Hornady Critical Defense +Ps. I found reloading with a speed loader easier given the shape of the projectiles and the performance from my limited testing is pretty good too.
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    Remington 158 +p LHP

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    I run 158 grn SWC standard pressure, from Buffalo Bore.

    The +P stuff was too stiff for me.

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    ​Me too.
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    I dont have a 642 but I do have a model 36 that I have been carrying for years...and I like to use the Gold Dots too...and sometimes, like others have said....its got 158gr. SWCHP in it. Another good one I have been testing is the Win PDX1.
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    My wife's 642 currently has Hornady 110 grain Critical Defense standard pressure in it. I' going to let her try the short barrel Gold Dot soon, see if she can shoot it well.
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    any of these would be a good choice-

    * Speer Gold Dots short barrel
    * Hornady Critical Defense
    * Remington Golden Saber

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    I have carried Gold Dots, but found the Buffalo Bore Short Barrel Low Flash Heavy .38 (non+p) load to be more accurate out of my 638 and 640.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlad883 View Post
    What do you carry in your 642 for a defense round? I am currently using Gold Dots +p's.
    I have always liked the Federal NyClad standard velocity 125 gr. in any .38 Spec.

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    Remington once fired standard primers...5.0 grs of Unique...Missouri Bullet Co 158 SWC.

    Very accurate, mild recoil and avg right around 810 fps in 60 deg weather. I'm very happy carrying these...
    Ammo for 642-imageuploadedbytapatalk1348003484.651686.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuda66 View Post
    Not a 642, but still a J-frame (M36)--I like the FBI Load; 158gr+P SWCHP.
    Same here... from Buffalo Bore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nframe357 View Post
    158 +p SWCHP or Gold Dot 135 +p.
    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinFool View Post
    I carry the Gold Dot 135gr +p Short Barrel, but there are several loads that would more then satisfactory.

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    The Speer gold dot 135 gr jhp +p appears to have a solid following and is said to have been developed at the request of some law enforcement. I have a couple speed loaders of these ready to roll with my 642 but I also tend to carry the following hand load on occasion:

    Rim rock 158 gr wide nose swc
    4 gr of w231

    Hits point of aim in my 642 and is not unreasonable in the recoil department.

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    I use 158 gr LSWCHP in all my fixed sight .38's as they tend to shoot to point of aim. My carry
    piece is a 642 stoked with Speer 158gr LSWCHP over 4.7 gr of Unique which gives me 815 fs out of a 2 inch barrel without too punishing a recoil.

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