Need help with equipment for Lee 1000

Need help with equipment for Lee 1000

This is a discussion on Need help with equipment for Lee 1000 within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, I am a new forum member and I am looking for a good way or a good press to load my .45 acp. I ...

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Thread: Need help with equipment for Lee 1000

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    Need help with equipment for Lee 1000

    Hi, I am a new forum member and I am looking for a good way or a good press to load my .45 acp. I have been checking out the Lee 1000 press. I am just wondering everything Ill need. I know I need the press, a scale that measures the grain, bullets that I load into my spent brass shells. I need a press to flare the casing. Does the lee case do all of these type of action if I get the right dies and the tumbler, the Primer tumbler and the Powder measure kit that is included in the lee 1000 loader? Im trying my best to get into loading my .45 because I used to load 12 gauge shells with my dad and I really enjoyed it and I would like to get into the reloading system. Can someo one help me out with everything I need after I buy the Lee 1000 with the .45 acp dyes?? Thank you very much in advance. Take Care

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    Ah, the what do I need to reload question! Everything, and about half of that.

    I'm not sure a progressive is the way to start, but if you have time and patience it can be done. I'm still using the single stage press I started with in '75. I don't load hundreds of rounds at a time so a progressive was never on my radar. If that's your intent, a progressive will fill the bill. Plus, I have to keep my setup portable as I don't have dedicated reloading space.

    Once set up, a progressive should do everyting function from deprime & resize to final crimp. A good scale is needed to verify the amount of powder the loader drops. A tumbler/vibrator cleans the grit off cases , and will give that high sheen if so desired. I don't go for the shiny brass, just want the cases clean.

    Obviously you need a good set of reloading manuals, a caliper for measuring. I'd add a magnifying glass to inspect the cases. Those little neck cracks can be difficult to see. As you get more into reloading, the list of accessories grows. I try to keep it simple. It really doesn't take a lot of equipment.
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    I started out in the Sixties with a Turret Press. Still using a Turret Press as I like to see just what`s in my shells. Checked out a lot of Progressive Presses and they`re just not for me. They seem to take a rather long learning path. You may want to check it out further before you commit to going progressive. Please ask around. Good Luck.

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    Don't go overboard on equipment right off. Not everything is as important as some writers and manufactures claim them to be. I reloaded 40 years before buying my case tumbler. I only use it because of the fact I reload black powder cartridges and even they can be reloaded without one. I have picked up many reloading gadgets since I first started reloading in grade school. I have to admit that most of them just sit on a shelf looking cool.
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    To be honest I started with a Lee Pro 1000,the primer feed sux,if the primer doesn't slide all the way down you usually end up seating it sideways,also the powder reset is pulled by a chain like you find on a light switch,if the chain binds up and breaks without you noticeing it you start loading cases with no powder.
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