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I Say This Is BS - What Say You ?

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Thread: I Say This Is BS - What Say You ?

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    OOPs.....where the heck did that double post come from? sawwwry
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    You can definately throw the BS flag on this one.
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    Even with a live round in the chamber I don't see how it could be set off. The fact that the rod was a very close fit indicates that it would not likely strike the primer, unless the idiot had a jag on the rod. Now that would be beyond stupid.

    Live round stuck in barrel, gunsmith (and I use the term advisedly) decides to us a rod that is a close fit to drive it out, so he puts a jag on the rod and proceeds to fire the round. I see one possibility for this scenario - the gunsmith knows the casing cannot go through the barrel and decides to use a tight rod with jag to fire the round and then to push the casing out after the round is fired. I don't know which is stupider doing it by accident or doing it on purpose. Either way he would never be able to even see my guns.

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    I'm sorry but I am totally confused about this story. At first I thought how in the world could a bullet, after being fired from a cartridge have enough residual powder behind it to cause such an incident. After reading the article again and thinking about it, I wonder if the gun/rifle could be something from the civil war era. One where powder is poured down the muzzle, then the bullet (e.g., a minie ball) is rammed home. Should the gun misfire as in the powder being somewhat damp and not delivering all the needed energy to the bullet, it would be feasible that there could be sufficient powder remaining behind the bullet. Of course, I don't know of any civil war muzzle loading rifles that provide access to the breech end such as described in the article, but there is always the possibility that the gunsmith disassembled the rifle to the point where he gained access to the breech end. Given only the information provided, I don't understand how this could happen.
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