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Thread: Horandy Ammo

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    Old ammo. Here we go again. I'm willing to bet I can pull out any round from my stash--back to WWII era--and it will go bang. The only two reloads I've ever had not fire were two fresh reloads that had bad primers from the same box. That's from reloading since '75. That's pretty reliable in my book. Had a couple of factory load duds over the years, but nothing age related.

    When misfires like that happen, I lean toward owner induced.
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    I don't buy their ammo because of a recent political contribution members of the company made. The ammo that I had on hand was used for target practice and replaced with Federal Hydra Shok. I experienced the same problem with the .380, had to remove the casing with a wooden dowel. The gun was then reloaded and fired with another brand of ammo without incident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckusaret View Post
    I don't buy their ammo because of a recent political contribution members of the company made.
    I had not heard about this. Could you be more specific?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Thunder View Post
    Too much lube in a gun can cause problems especially the Penetrating Oils that will migrate everywhere including to the primers in your bullets. My Glocks get greased in 5 places only. My revolvers get cleaned and lubed only on the cyclinder and crane assembly. They then get wiped down thoroughly. I read years ago about a Security Officer that cleaned his gun and loaded the cylinder and then sprayed it down with WD-40. He wound up in a gun fight and his gun would not shoot as the WD-40 had migrated into his primers it was later found. I have no spray lubricants in my shop, only greases in small tubes that are high temp and stay put where they are dabbed onto.
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    I see this type of post more and more. Not just the ammo stuff but basic questions of how a firearm operates, why does it do this or that, how do I wear a holster, how do I adjust the sights, how do I get the slide off, trigger out, magazine out/in...you name it...and I start saying to myself "OMG these people own firearms...no wonder shooters are looked upon as a bunch of Neanderthals.

    And then I realized "I" was the "moron" not these new gun owners. I was raised with guns in the home, began reloading when I was 12, hunted for many years and have shot rifle, shotgun and pistol competition for years as well as cast my own bullets. Many today have not had this type opportunity and rather than applauding their decision to take responsibility for the final solution in protecting themselves, family's and communities as well as becoming a part of the shooting community I so enjoy I scoffed at the questions and often sat back and read a string of posts where some folks were struggling to get the proper answers that I had at my fingertips.

    So the following opinion is just that, YMMV.

    Enough soul bearing on to the topic at hand:

    Modern firearm lubricants are designed to cling to and migrate into and over surfaces and this they do VERY well. This includes your cartridges. Unless the physical laws have changed no two particles of matter can occupy the same space at the same time meaning there is a gap, no matter how small, between the case and the as well as the case and the bullet. Some of these lubricants claim to be able to penetrate into a "millionth" of an inch (Kroil, by the way an excellent bore "cleaner")...maybe maybe not. But if they can penetrate .0005, which I believe quite possible, you have a potential problem with "wet" chambers, bores, forcing cones, extractors, backplates etc.contaminating your live ammo when thus exposed killing the primer most likely but may well deteriorate the powder charge to poor or no ignition state. If you are running the gun that "wet", "I", think you are in trouble after 2 weeks... If someone can find it I think "Handloader" magazine did a test on this about 6-7 years ago.

    Another issue with "wet" chambers is case head "set back" from lack of grip between the case and chamber walls. Not so big an issue with the .44 spec., .45 acp, or .38 spec. running at 15,000 CUP but can be. However, when you step up to 9MM +P+, .40 S&W, .357 Sig/mag., .41, .44 mag. rounds in well fitted pistols (meaning small gaps) running 35,000-40,000 CUP, set back can tie up the action and we all know it won't happen 2:00 P.M Sunday at the range...no it will be 2:00 A.M. the prior morning accompanied with the front door splintering...

    I also believe some of these lubricants can "diesel" at these pressures causing what I have often seen in firearms run too wet as a glossy black, almost obsidian like residue almost impossible to remove with normal cleaning methods often requiring a dental pick to dig out of an extractor slot. (This is opinion on my part. I do not have empirical evidence.)

    So..."IMO" the barrel, forcing cone, chamber's, extractor and mag well should be bone dry for "EDC" to eliminate the risk. Really, how big of a fire fight are you going to get into...Do you believe a good quality, properly maintained handgun won't run 75 rounds with these areas dry? Say it burns the gun to a cinder...so what...you are still alive...all rounds went BANG...Stop on the way home from giving the police report and buy a new one (however, you should already have a reliable backup gun for many reasons). Truth is it's a tool and tools are consumables!

    At the range run it wet. No need for unnecessary wear and tear here. If you are counting on it to get you home field strip it before you leave the range and wipe the vital parts dry.

    To "my" knowledge only Military contracts have the primers sealed. I don't believe anyone including Lake City uses bullet sealer any longer. You may come across overruns for civilian re-sale that have sealed primers but I believe that is the only way. If anyone has information otherwise I would be pleased to view it. (This not a challenge I really would like to know. Thanks)
    Even if primer and bullet were sealed you still run the risk of set back from a wet chamber "IMO".

    As to Hornady, neither fish nor fowl. If Speer, Federal, Winchester, Remington any know manufacturer tells you they have no documented failures to fire of their premium lines please ask for it in writing and post it. It will be of inestimable value to all of us and may well save someones life.

    OK that's my 5 cents worth, thanks for reading along.
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    Re: Horandy Ammo

    Quote Originally Posted by lyodbraun View Post
    Yea, from what ive been reading and doing testing of my own.. Ive tested alot of different ammo, and just am not impressed with Hornadys bullets, if you want a good round for your .380 the Speer Gold Dots and Winchester PDX-1 ive tested works great, also, double taps 90grain all cooper bullet works pretty decent, I have not tested this round yet into my gel, but from what Ive seen its a pretty decent performer... I think Hornadys quality control has gone arye..
    Thanks for the response. I think I'll be switching to gold dots asap.

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    Ive had one problem with the hornady custom in 32acp with a light load. I called hornady and asked them gave them the lot # on the box. They told me nothing was recalled on that ammo. Thay said shoot the rest of the box and see what happens. And if it did to send it in and they would send a new box. But all went well with the rest of the box. Thats the only issue Ive had. Im starting to rethink hornady with all the problems starting to crop up lately. I have cd in my 9mm right now. Ill probably switch Because I still prefer 124 gr boolits . Have fun and stay safe everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_in_wi View Post
    I had not heard about this. Could you be more specific?
    I found this post on another firearm board which should clear up this issue"

    "I sent Hornady mfg an e mail in concerns from what I saw posted about them. This is the reply i got back. i believe that people like margret and don would really like to discredit Hornady mfg so this is what i found. Hope this helps.

    Dear Sir or Ma'am,

    With a few lingering questions still circulating, we offer one final response.
    As stated before, Margaret Hornady-David & Don David are not employees, board members, shareholders or owners in any way of Hornady Manufacturing and they derive no income from our company or its operations. Margaret retired in 2009 and Don in 1999. (We previously stated “early 2000’s” simply because few could remember the exact year he retired). We are a private company so we don’t often share our business.
    As for Don listing “Hornady Gun Mfg.” on his donation, he retired in 1999 and we are not a gun manufacturer. We do not know why it is listed that way.
    Websites, including the State of Nebraska, that list Margaret as Vice President are simply out-of-date. As previously stated, she retired from the company in 2009. Anything listed to the contrary is erroneous, nor have we taken the time to update them.
    None of us have control over how our relatives think or vote – as much as we wish we did. Yes, Thanksgiving is going to be awkward for the Hornady family this year.

    Steve and Jason Hornady

    via Webmaster"
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