Difference in +P ammo

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Thread: Difference in +P ammo

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    Difference in +P ammo

    I ran out of my Speer Gold Dot JHP... Oops. The store shelves are bare of all 9mm around here. So, I went online and found some +P - 124 gr JHP - Remington Golden Saber. I'd heard good things about it.. Anyway, should I be apprehensive about running a +P ammo in my CZ? When I bought the ammo I didn't think it would be a problem, but now that I think about it, my gun might not like the +P.

    My gun is a CZ 75 P-07 Duty.
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    I wouldn't personally be worried about it in that gun. You could read the manual, or ask CZ....
    As for whether it will function properly, you'll have to find that out with trial and error.


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    A CZ is a well made gun, it should be fine. The +P ammo will all be in the same ballpark
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    Most likely, it would technically void your warranty, as +P is not recommended by CZ.


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    I use +P in my CZ P-01. Using +P does not void your warranty but +P+ might be another story.
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