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This is a discussion on Ammo MIA... within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Stopped in my local Gander Mt. They had plenty of .45 and 9mm. They even had some .223....

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Thread: Ammo MIA...

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    Stopped in my local Gander Mt. They had plenty of .45 and 9mm. They even had some .223.

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    For all of you southwestern PA residents looking for ammo... I stopped by Gander Mountain at the Washington Crown Center Mall on my way through Washington, PA, and they have a ton of ammunition in stock. Pricing is a little high, which is to be expected from Gander Mountain. But considering the nearest Walmart barely had anything in stock, this is a viable option if you're looking for it.

    They also had M&P and Glock magazines in stock which I was very surprised to see. The nearest Cabela's had absolutely no handgun magazines in stock.

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    One has to remember end of year inventory begins. Stores will eventually stock their shelves after their store inventory is counted.

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    Hard to believe...

    Just for the heck of it, and this thread, I called my LGS to inquire about .22 and .22mag ammo.
    This shop is usually stacked high with ammo, but I was told that there were 3 boxes (50) of .22 and 1 box of .22mag.
    This was a complete surprise to me, but they said they had some on back order.

    I guess the shortage is real.
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    Re: Ammo MIA...

    I'm glad that I'm not hurting for ammo at the moment. No way I'm gonna pay 80 a piece for 223/5.56

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    I asked Federal about their production:

    Me: Has Federal increased ammunition production to help fill the depleted supplies? I'm having trouble finding 9mm ammo, especially FMJ practice ammo anywhere. All the shelves are dried up. I'm on several forums and everyone is asking. Please let me know if there is any news on this front.

    Federal: We are running at full production. The demand is never been this high before and it will be awhile before things slow down I would imagine.

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    My local Wal-Farts are bare of just about every ammo minus bird shot sized shotgun shells. Cabela's .223 shelf was bare yesterday minus 3 boxes of tracer 5.56 and 1 box of something expensive, maybe a match load I wasn't paying attention. No bulk ammo cases either. Most other ammo was in stock, but only a handful of odd calibers were having sale items. Lucky for me I picked up a .22-250 for coyotes and that isn't the first caliber people go grabbing for so Wal-Fart and Cabela's had everything I wanted. I had been using my AR but with ammo almost non-existent in .223 it's rough to try and find varmint rounds.

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