winchester silvertip

winchester silvertip

This is a discussion on winchester silvertip within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Is winchester 155 gr. silvertip 9mm jhp a good cc round, and is a reliable feed round in a semi auto weapon....

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Thread: winchester silvertip

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    winchester silvertip

    Is winchester 155 gr. silvertip 9mm jhp a good cc round, and is a reliable feed round in a semi auto weapon.

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    I'm guessing that's a typo and that you really meant 115 grain.

    It's not the latest, gee-whiz round, but it has a good track record. It's been superseded by newer designs which are generally heavier (for better penetration) and capable of meeting the FBI "barrier" criteria. I would pick newer stuff (like the Winchester Ranger T or Federal HST) if it was available, but if Silvertip is all you've got or all you can afford, you're still well-armed. It's not like comparing a squirt gun to a death ray.

    FWIW, I had a lot of it on hand which is slowly being burned up, so at least one of my 9s has Silvertip in it.
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    I don't believe such a thing exists.

    115 grain maybe.

    The Silvertip is "old technology" - but any hollowpoint has a better chance of expanding than an FMJ. Whether it feeds reliably in your semi-auto is for you to figure out. Some guns are picky, others are not.

    Lots of info on 9mm JHPs around here - try a quick search and I'm sure you will find hundreds of threads - dozens are recent.


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    Silvertips are adequate bullets in any caliber.

    Besides you could always shoot a werewolf.
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    I think that the Silvertip is an underestimated design. It does pretty well against the threats most folks will encounter and I carry it occasionally.
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    Nothing wrong with "old" technology. Silvertips, Hydrashoks, etc are generally good rounds. On the Silvertips the jacket sometimes has a tendency to separate from the core but even so they should do the job as long as you do yours.

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    No matter what your choice of ammo is run at least a full magazine or so thru you gun to make sure there are no feed problems. I have S&W M&P 40 that will not digest some makes/types of JHP ammo but has no problem with FMJ target ammo of any type.

    After the first FTF problem, switched ammo and experienced no FTF problems. I also polished the ramp to a mirror finish.
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    !24 grain or higher bullet would be a better choice, but if 115 grains is all you've got, put them where it counts.
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    I believe it iis also available in 147 grain.
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    Yep,there is Pointblank. Winchester PDX 147 gr.for 9 mil.

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    The 155 gr. was my favorite .40 S&W round until they went to over $40.00/50.I don't know about 9MM Silvertips but it is a HOT .40 round.
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    I'd take 9BP over Silvertip, but I'd like to have a box or two for novelty. The prices I've seen it at around here aren't worth it, costing as much as modern premium loads.
    Regarding reliability that will also largely depend on the gun you are using. Personally I shoot a Glock and a S&W revolver and neither have ever malfunctioned with any kind of ammo.

    To answer your question in a nutshell Silvertips aren't bad. Mid level. Definitely dated design, though. So many amazing JHPs out nowadays there is no reason to use them unless it's all you can find.

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