In the event of a "high-capacity" magazine ban, would you switch calibers? - Page 4

In the event of a "high-capacity" magazine ban, would you switch calibers?

This is a discussion on In the event of a "high-capacity" magazine ban, would you switch calibers? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have extra mags for my 9mm so not right away, but in the future I would probably transition to a 1911 just so I ...

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Thread: In the event of a "high-capacity" magazine ban, would you switch calibers?

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    I have extra mags for my 9mm so not right away, but in the future I would probably transition to a 1911 just so I could keep the "pre-ban" gun and mags in good shape.

    But I have faith we won't need to worry about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patinthehat View Post
    I still want to carry 9. but a question i have is will the ban obama signed grandfather in pistol mags over 10 or are they going to force you to get rid of them like NY is doing.
    I don't expect we'd have our "high-capacity" guns/magazines taken away. I do think that if such a ban were placed (and I'm not saying it will be), then it wouldn't make sense to carry them.

    Quote Originally Posted by JLI View Post
    No change. I'm new to some of these larger calibers so maybe I'm making a stupid assumption... I just figured that the gun manufacturers would make and sell smaller capacity magazines to accommodate the new "law". For example, our current Sig has a 13 round mag. Wouldn't Sig just come out with a 10 round mag for it?
    I'm sure they would. I was wondering more about caliber than specific models, though. But so far it sounds like the 1911 would become an extremely popular model!

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    In the event of a "high-capacity" magazine ban, would you switch calibers?


    Since the expiration of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, I have acquired more than enough guns and magazines per gun to keep me and mine "set" for the next several generations.

    Sticking with what I have.
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    I would stick with what I have.

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    I have a 9, two 40's two .22, a 5 shot 38spl, and a 5 shot 44mag, I am thinking about a xds or the new Glock 30s because I don't have one yet.
    I was in the Navy, ( back closer to the days of wooden ships and iron men), and couldn't hit squat with the 45, but maybe times have changed.

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    I would not change anything at all, I really could not care less what is mandated.

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    If it passes, it will make me so angry I will purposely go out and buy a carry gun with a magazine larger than 10 rounds.

    Then my answer is yes, I'll move up to .357 sig over 9mm and add about twice the ammunition. It's none of their business how many rounds are in my magazine.

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    My Glock-36 is my EDC, and it works well with that NY ban.
    However, I have no reason to ever put a foot inside NY, and I highly doubt that idiotic ban will find its way to any of the 'red' states.
    Last resort, I sell out and move to TX.
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    No, I'd just carry another mag with me. Most of us carry the caliber we like and feel comfortable with. Not gonna change.
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    I have multiple mags for each gun. The ban would have no effect on me.

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    Before I get flamed, let me say that I am donating extra to pro-2A groups and writing anyone I think I can about this nonsense so I am not rolling over on anything here. At the end of the day I don't know that I'm not a "cold, dead, hands" guy.

    However for the sake of argument on mag capacity I see it like this. If a mag capacity law is implemented the best case would be that all existing mags would be grandfathered and transferable as is. Worse would be to have them available to use and resale but only if blocked to "the magic number", or if you couldn't resell them. For new magazines, a 10 round limit wouldn't be terrible since they are CA compliant and already in existence. Going down to 7 would be a technical PITA, especially if they don't allow people to block larger magazines and still use them since now we're talking about retooling an entire industry and during the transition either creating a bunch of "criminals" or technically disarming the law-abiding public. There are other scenarios as well.

    The point I'm trying to make that there is a range of bad ideas here some much worse than others. I will do whatever I have to remained legally armed in public.
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    I would probably pick up some more mags for my XD40sc (9 round for flush loading), but I have plenty of 12-rnd mags for my full-size.

    I doubt a mag-cap bill has the votes though, at least for pistols. I pains me to say it, but I think an "AWB" ban based on features might go through, but a standalone mag-cap bill not so much. So, if a mag-cap is included in an AWB, then it'll be 10 rounds, not 7 or 5, so I'd be fine with what I've got and will be able to get more flush-fit mags for my subcompact. My 9mm Kahr, of course, will be fine either way with a 6-round mag.

    Now... if I buy any new guns after a mag-cap ban, I'll probably go to .45acp.
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    No problem ....that's why I have my Nano . My home defense pistol stays 9MM 15+1 .....I will let a jury of my piers debate my mag capacity if I need it . I don't believe in my state this will matter anyway . Us in Nevada like our guns :)

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    I've never made it a habit to carry handguns that could be considered "high-capacity" anyway so no caliber changes are anticipated.
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