Safe Place to store ammunition at home

This is a discussion on Safe Place to store ammunition at home within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The ATF's website has some good information on storage as well. Ammo cans, ziplocked rounds with silica gel is what I use....

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Thread: Safe Place to store ammunition at home

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    Re: Safe Place to store ammunition at home

    The ATF's website has some good information on storage as well.

    Ammo cans, ziplocked rounds with silica gel is what I use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DefConGun View Post
    I've been seeing several posts that talk about storing ammo in your safe and in another thread, a gentleman showed a picture of the inside of his safe. In the picture, you could see he had several boxes of ammo in it.

    According to an article I've read about safes, you should NOT store ammo in a safe;

    "DON'T store powder in your safe. A tightly-sealed metal box with a large quantity of powder inside is a bomb. Store powder in a separate, lightly-constructed cabinet or wood box. The main thing for powder is to keep it dry and away from moisture and light.
    DON'T store large quantities of primers in your safe. If one primer goes off it can detonate others, causing a chain reaction. If you have many thousands of primers, don't store them all in one corner of your reloading area."
    Gun Safe Buyers' Guide
    Nice concept, but the problem with it is that typically the gun powder/cordite in ammo isn't really enough to blow up a heavy gun safe. If it was, people would just shoot the lock out and open the safe from the outside. When you're talking 1-3"+ of steel plate, a few boxes of ammo isn't going to blow it up, and it'd have to be exposed to heat hot enough, for long enough, to destroy everything in the safe to blow up ammo anyway.. plus the ammo should be in a safe separate from the weapons themselves.
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    Next to my gunsafe. In my locked ammo cabinet. In a locked room. Guarded by three slobbering, hungry and underfed Dobermans.

    No desiccants, we have 10% relative humidity here naturally.

    If you're real quiet, you can hear your skin crack.
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    locked up.

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    Sadly, I have some experience with a gun safe in a fire. Worse yet, there was ammo in the gun safe......bad combination. During the fire, I'm sure the fire-resistent safe was doing what it could do to keep the internal temperature lower, however when the ammo starts cooking off, it raises that internal temperature even higher. Of course I can't quote numbers here, that fire wasn't an experimental test.

    No fire breached the safe, the drywall inside of it crumbled from the heat. Everything inside was funked up with a coat of something (ammo). Some guns were ruined, others salvageable. Had the ammo not been in the safe maybe the inside temperature would have stayed more tolerable and done less damage.

    No more inside-the-safe ammo for me. I don't really have much inside my home either, I don't want the firemen to consider backing away because ammo is cooking off. Please re-think storing ammo and guns together.
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