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What is your Personal Defense Round of Choice?

This is a discussion on What is your Personal Defense Round of Choice? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 125gr Federal Nyclads (.38 spl). My J-frame Bodyguard is older and not +P...

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Thread: What is your Personal Defense Round of Choice?

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    125gr Federal Nyclads (.38 spl). My J-frame Bodyguard is older and not +P

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    Re: What is your Personal Defense Round of Choice?

    Hornady Critical Defense in my G19 in the bedside safe, Critical Duty in the G26 I carry.

    A combination of #1 and 00 buck in the Mossberg 590 in the closet safe, with 00 buck and slugs as backup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hard_Core View Post
    What do you prefer and any reason why?

    I personally Like Corbon DPX, however wanting to try some new rounds out:)
    In terms of what feeds and shoots reliably from my EDC, I prefer Speer Gold Dot 9mm +p 124 Gr. Short Barrel Hollow Points. They feed perfectly in my EDC and have performed perfectly with with zero malfunctions. Now, what I prefer in terms of it's effectiveness? I haven't had to use my EDC yet so I won't be able to answer that question.

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    Federal HST 124 +P or Speer Gold Dot 124 +P in 9mm Luger
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    Hornady critical defense 115 gr and 124 gr golden sabres for my 9mms.
    Hornady critical defense 95 gr for my thunder 380
    And fiochhi extreme xtp for my kel-tec p-32

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    Interesting to see what people trust. I personally think MOST (not all) modern bullets will serve you well. One thing I did find interesting when I switched to .40 S&W, in all the test I have seen (for what they are worth) show 165gr loads penetrating deeper on average than 180gr. I usually choose heavy for caliber. As such I shoot 165gr Gold Dots or HST. HST especially leaves large holes.
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    9mm - Winchester Ranger T's 147gr. JHP or Federal HST's 147gr. JHP.
    38 Spl.- 158gr. +P LSWCHP
    357 - Kieth 170 SWC or Rem. 140gr. JHP. Both reloads.

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    147 grain Speer Gold Dots, in 9mm Luger.

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    Hornady Critical Defense in my .380 LCP. I'm less worried about maximum bullet performance in my .357 mag, so usually just whatever 158 gr HP's I have on hand.

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    Gold dot,pdx1,and saber.I saw a box of hornady zombie pp ammo,last week.It's 185 gr for my 45.I purchased one box.Don't see zombies much now.They come out more in the summer,lol.

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    • Buffalo Bore® 38 Special Standard Presure 158gr LSWCHCGC (#20C/20)
    Buffalo Bore® 38 Special +P 158gr LSWCHCGC (20A/20)
    • Fiocchi® Extrema™ XTP Line 357 Magnum 158gr JHP/XTP (#357XTP)

    • Winchester® SuperX™ 41 Remington® Magnum 175gr Silvertip™ JHP (#X41MSTHP2)
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    I ran Ranger T's 127GR +P+ in my last Gun fighting class and the reunion class last year and all performed at first class levels. Last year I ordered 1500 more rounds of the same which arrived on Election Day!. They work and function in my twin G-19's. I also have a stash of Cor-Bon DPX for my 9MM Glocks. No regrets on any of these as they are Street Performers.
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    Remington Golden Saber.
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    I've always used Speer Gold Dots. Mainly due to the fact it is what the larger departments in my area use. I figure if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me!

    .38 -135 grain
    9mm- 124 +p
    .40s&W - 180 grain
    .45acp - 230 grain

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    federal hst 9mm 147 gr.

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