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This is a discussion on Lake City Ammo Information within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have or know where to find specific data on old Lake City ammo? My Great-Grandfather worked at the Lake City plant and I ...

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Thread: Lake City Ammo Information

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    Lake City Ammo Information

    Does anyone have or know where to find specific data on old Lake City ammo? My Great-Grandfather worked at the Lake City plant and I have a bunch of .30-06 ammo of varying types, bullet design, weight, etc. and was wanting to find out the ballistics data on them if possible and specifically what type of bullets they are. There are several that I can tell right off are different, HP, FMJ, SP, and painted black tip, etc. My dad said that he thought he remembered Grandpa saying that some were possibly AP and/or tracer.

    There are also some that have an interesting headstamp: they say "Peters - 30G1906". Obviously they are .30-06 but I've never heard of Peters and definitely don't know what the "G19" stands for. Any help on these two issues would be greatly appreciated.


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    Not sure what year it happened but, Remington took over the Peters Cartridge Company and it became Remington Peters.

    I'm sure somebody here will know much more than I do about your ammo.
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    The Peters-30G1906 headstamp indicates Peters Cartridge Company, .30 caliber Government 1906, the government round, but not necessarily government issue. Bottom line is probably postwar production of the .30-06 round--more than likely for the civilian market.
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