With the ammo shortage and local Dallas stores sold out, I began looking online for ammo. You can find some out there on the various ammo sites but it's typically overpriced and/or they charge crazy prices to deliver it. The situation is getting better by the day, but two weekends ago I decided to bite.

I found a recommended link to Precision Delta out of Ruleville, MS, their website is here: Precision Delta - Competition Ammunition

While this is not a major brand ammo like Federal, Speer or Hornady, they do offer new brass loaded with and Hornady XTP bullets. They claim all sorts of awards with their ammo something has to be good here. They don't offer every caliber but do hit the popular ones.

They sell bullets and ammunition so be careful what you're buying. One great thing about their pricing is that the price you see for the ammo is their shipped price. If you don't happen to live in the state of MS then there should be no sales tax, either. If you buy less than 2,000 bullets they will charge shipping - but all ammo (ready to fire) seems to include shipping costs.

I decided to try out their 9mm "new" brass ammo loaded with the Hornady 115g HP bullet. I guess this is the best thing next to "real" Hornady ammo but at a discount. It should be very similar to this round: Hornady Manufacturing Company :: Ammunition :: Handgun :: Choose by Caliber :: 9mm Luger :: 9mm Luger 115 gr XTP®

Instead of buying 1,000 I opted for their "Evaluation Pack" which is basically five boxes of 50 rounds - 250 rounds. At the time I ordered, 250 rounds was actually cheaper than 1,000 (per round), so compare the two. When I bought two weeks ago the price was $103.25, today the same SKU (EP-P9115JHP) is $116.45. So my purchase worked out to $.413 per round - calculating their the new higher price it works out to $.466 per round. Still not bad since most places get $20-23 for a box of 25 rounds of XTP Hornady ammo.

PD also sells reloads, I believe they are all once-fired brass and use their popular Precision Delta bullets. You can get 1,000 9mm rounds of that in a 115g FMJ load for $253 shipped, or $.253 per round - or $12.65 per box/50 - a LOT less than I paid for a 50-round box of WWB last week ($17.31 after tax).

The biggest drawback is shipping time - mine took almost two weeks - ordered it on a Saturday night and it arrived 13 days later. They are not a big company and they are overrun with sales. Takes 1-2 days to get an email reply, and you have to email or FAX them a scan of your driver's license - details on their website.

The ammo came in today but I have not fired any yet. I'll let you all know how it goes - but I suspect it'll feed and fire just fine.

In the photos below you can see some slight discoloration in some of the primers - but overall the ammo is clean, as clean as any Federal or WWB I've bought. It comes packaged in a printed paper outer with the ammo in a styrofoam block.