"Dirty" ammo and pistol malfunctions

"Dirty" ammo and pistol malfunctions

This is a discussion on "Dirty" ammo and pistol malfunctions within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was shooting my Sig P229 recently and after firing just over 50 rounds of inexpensive Wolf target ammo (.40 cal) the slide froze - ...

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Thread: "Dirty" ammo and pistol malfunctions

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    "Dirty" ammo and pistol malfunctions

    I was shooting my Sig P229 recently and after firing just over 50 rounds of inexpensive Wolf target ammo (.40 cal) the slide froze - it wouldn't go fully into battery, nor could I pull it back. I got back from the range and used some WD40 to loosen the slide, which works fine now/again. The pistol was clean when I started shooting.

    I'm surprised that it took so few shots to incapacitate the weapon. I like this pistol a lot, but I don't like that it seems to be finicky with ammo. I only have a few hundred rounds of ammo through the gun (up until my last range session, all non-Wolf), so it's still pretty tight. Still, I'm wondering about how much of the malfunction is a gun issue and how much is an ammo issue. Like everyone, when it comes to self-defense, I want a firearm that fires every time. Any opinions on the matter? Have others had similar issues with either Sigs or Wolf ammo?

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    Id take it to the range again and try some better ammo, and also run some of your carry ammo thru the gun and make sure it works like it should, and not get hung up, was there anything stuck in the slide or any sort of damage ? to cause the slide to lock up so tight ?? also was the gun cleaned and lubed ?? My glocks run with no isuues when dirty I once ran well over 1000 rounds with out cleaning it during the police academy with no issues... give it another try and see how it works. hope it was just a one time thing...

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    Make sure the slide doesn't have any unusual marks where it rides on the rails.
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    My Bersa Thunder 9 UC Pro will eat anything you feed it and has never had a failure of any kind - no matter how many rounds you put through it at one time without cleaning.
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    I can't believe a gun froze after only 50 rounds of wolf or any other ammo,I would be looking at another cause like a primer coming out and getting caught between the barrel and slide or something
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    I swear that WOLF must mix powdered molases in with their powder charges...few quicker ways to gum up a gun than with WOLF ammo.

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    I avoid Russian ammo. The one time I usd it was it was super nasty.
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    Uncertain how much overall wear there is, whether it's had a "fluff and buff" to smooth out the rough spots, how basically finicky/tolerant of various ammo it shown itself to be, what your shooting style is, whether any of those change from gun to gun and from session to session, etc. It can be difficult to diagnose cycling issues early in a gun's life, until things have smoothed up.

    Every gun's different. Had a Browning BDM 9mm 20yrs ago that took awhile to break in to the point where it would eat anything, almost without regard to how dirty or hot it got. But that took a good long while. A CZ P-01 9mm I've had has been nearly flawless since day one. Same with a H&K P2000SK 9mm. Have had a few other pistols that have been tighter and finickier with various ammo, more generally with the less consistent and dirtier ammo.

    In the case of many pistols I've owned, though, the dirtier, hotter and drier the gun has gotten, the more likely it has been that I'd experience a feeding/cycling issue. In my experience, with most pistols it hasn't seemed to vary much based on ammo, though "dirtier" ammo will tend to put more grit into the gun sooner, sure. Yes, I've experienced some failures to feed with so-called "dirty" ammo. And yet, I've also experienced some failures to feed with other ammo.

    About the best cycling ammo I've ever experienced has been a good dozen cases of a certain reloader's "range" ammo (who's no longer in businesses), and the DoubleTap JHP 9mm 124gr +P duty ammo.

    So. Where does leave a person? Ensure you know what it is you're actually testing and witnessing, when you experience a failure. What was the gun's "wear" age, cleanliness, lubrication; how firm/floppy was your grip; what specific ammo did you use; could you duplicate the same issue across various conditions (ie, different guns, different hands firing it, during the first 50 or last 50 of a long range session [ie, when cold or hot]), and so on.

    That being said, I'd agree that cleaner, more consistent (dimensions, charge, power/speed) ammo, a cleaner and better lubricated gun, and a more consistent shooting style can all contribute to better performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weeg View Post
    I swear that WOLF must mix powdered molases in with their powder charges...few quicker ways to gum up a gun than with WOLF ammo.
    Wolf ammo is the worst crap I've ever shot. It appears that they have a lacquer like coating on the casings that as soon as the chamber heats up, the rounds stick inside plus gum up the action. I've had several casings split inside the chamber and need to completely disassemble the gun to dislodge the casing. Wolf is junk!

    I have a buddy who bought 10,000 rounds of Wolf .223 ammo 5 yrs ago, cheap. He still has 9,990 rounds left and can't shoot it. I wouldnt take it if he gave it to me.
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    Re: "Dirty" ammo and pistol malfunctions

    I've sent a couple hundred rounds of the Tula/Wolf 9mm through my SR9c with no issues at all, save that I had to clean the pistol as soon as I got home from the range. Pretty dirty stuff, but I guess it is like anything else, you get what you pay for. That being said, I'm not sure I would pay for it again

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    Agree to Avoid Wolf ammo unless you are shooting your Mosin Nagant or an AK
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    I pretty much only shoot wolf at the range in my AR, 1911, and glock.

    I dont have any problems, I would look for a lost primer or some other issue.

    It is a little dirtier, but it doesnt hurt your guns in any way. One box of .40 shouldnt have gummed it up. I routinely shoot 4 boxes through my 1911 and dont have any problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weeg View Post
    I swear that WOLF must mix powdered molases in with their powder charges...few quicker ways to gum up a gun than with WOLF ammo.

    I don't know about that... Ever tried Tulammo?
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    I'd avoid anything that fouls my gun that bad. Try some Frog Lube on the slide rails & rack the slide a dozen times. Then add a dab more lube. Use a toothpick to run through the slide rail channels to make sure there aren't any burrs. Then shoot off the rest of the Wolf to see if that helps. If not & you have ammo left over give it to someone who uses it successfully & use a better, cleaner brand.

    If your gun is fairly new it's also possible the rails & channels have to be worn in.

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    The only ammo I've had problems with so far is the ol white box 555. My (now sold) p22 had some form of an issue with at least 1 in 10 rounds.

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