Best defensive ammo for charter arms undercover?

This is a discussion on Best defensive ammo for charter arms undercover? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a very early charter arms undercover snubbie in like new shape that dates back to when they were founded in bridgeport,CT. I have ...

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Thread: Best defensive ammo for charter arms undercover?

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    Best defensive ammo for charter arms undercover?

    I have a very early charter arms undercover snubbie in like new shape that dates back to when they were founded in bridgeport,CT. I have to say the fit and finish on this little thing is quite impresive and I own a couple of colt cobras and a smith j-frame. I know its no j-frame but I figured for $150 OTD why not? Anyways I know these guns were never designed to handle +p ammo. That being said my current carry load is the 158gr +p LSWCHP in my colt cobra of 1973 wintage. its my understanding that these cobras wern't rated for +p either but I only ran a few cylinders to see where it was hitting and only shoot non +p for practice.

    From everything I can gather here and elsewhere these early charter arms guns were inexpensive well made solid guns for thair time,do you think a cylinder full or two of the above mentiond load and carrying said load for ccw use would hurt anything? If so can you recommend a good non +p load for carry use? thanks.

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    So, what's the chambering? 38spl?
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    yea... they were 38 spcl

    I might recommend Hornady JHP/XTP Custom in 158 grain. 800 fps so standard load but a big ole well made jacketed hollow point of fairly good rep. Or if you want the little faster smaller bullet then they make that in a 125 grain that rates 900 fps and just a tad more energy.

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    I use Federal Hydra Shok when the rare occasion where I carry it instead of a 1911, arises.
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    I happen to know that the charter will handle that load fine on a limited basis , not to say i would train with it .. but it will be fine to use for carry , shooting up the box in the course of a year will give you many years of handy little pistol there before it " shakes loose " . Were i shopping for a new load i would look at corbon , and the gold dot lines .. as both offer " snubby specific " loads .
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    Ditto on the last reply.

    Practice with the mild stuff , sight in and carry with the +P
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    Scroll down a bit

    We just had a long thread on Non +P .38 ammunition. If you're going to use limited amounts of +P, you'll be fine. I'd suggest a light and fast one for good expansion, but that's just me. I have played around with the new DPX, and I liked what I saw so far and I'll be doing more with it soon.

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