Wally World Sticker Shock!!!

This is a discussion on Wally World Sticker Shock!!! within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yesterday I went to my local friendly Wally World to buy some WWB 45 ACP. Whoah!! Not only did the price go up, but it ...

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Thread: Wally World Sticker Shock!!!

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    Wally World Sticker Shock!!!

    Yesterday I went to my local friendly Wally World to buy some WWB 45 ACP. Whoah!! Not only did the price go up, but it went from $20.00/100 to $25.00/100. That's a 25% increase. To top it off, my Wally World has a Mickey D's so I couldn't console myself with the obligatory Nacho's.
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    I think not long ago someone on THR was bemoaning the increases tho IIRC in that case it was in two or three increments over week or two.

    Sounds like your branch was in sudden price catch-up mode
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    Me too. the .45 was $25 / 100. I went to Dick's and caught their sale. 9.98/50 if you buy a case......SOLD! I also bought 9mm for 5.98/50 and target loads for the 12 @ 15/100

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtbiker View Post
    Me too. the .45 was $25 / 100. I went to Dick's and caught their sale. 9.98/50 if you buy a case......SOLD! I also bought 9mm for 5.98/50 and target loads for the 12 @ 15/100
    I've gotten my last 2000 rounds or so via Dick's ammo sales (which seem to be pretty frequent). At current trends, I won't buy anything from Walmart again.

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    I went to Walmart yesterday and noted the price increase as well. I ended up getting three boxes of CCI Blazer Brass .45 at $9.95 (?) each.
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    Paid $20.68 for .40S&W WWB ValuePak today. Gone up 2 bux in a month.

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    Ammo prices are on the rise. Thats why ive been stocking up when i can. That sucks!!!!!!!


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    Funny this should come up.I just bought a 100 box of wwb this afternoon ay our local wally world.It costs me $24.11 out the door and I told the clerk I see the price went up,he says really I don't know,I just charge what the computer says to. sj

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    Don't do wally world for my centerfire ammo.
    I get mine from Ga. Arms Ammo. 500 rds. for $125.00. 45 acp 230 gr. ball ammo, unfired brass, and comes in a nifty ammo can.
    They are only 15 minutes from here, and their customer service is hard to beat.
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    I shoot sporting clays quite a bit. The price of shotgun ammo went up by almost $1.00 per box last year. I thought it might have something to do with the increase in oil prices at first, since the hulls are a petroleum product, but I was told that led and brass (in fact all metal prices) are increasing, due to the demand that China and India (mostly China) are placing on the global market as they industrialize.

    Later this was confirmed by an article I read in a magazine, in which Federal cartridge was explaining why they were going to increase prices across the board due to the increase in the metals market.

    While I'm no fan of the store, I don't think Wal-Mart has much control over this.
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    I know that lead as a commodity is increasing exponentially in price....
    So is copper.....

    I wish we had a Dicks in my town.....
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    I was at the local Academy store today and they have the Remington value pack of 250 rds of .45 ACP for $69. Not too bad, but it was $59 about 6 months ago. As for W-World, I bought a few boxes of CCI brass 9mm FMJ last month for $5.99.
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    I paid around $23 for a box of 100 Remington UMC JHP .40 cal. at my Wally Martinez. But its Texas, everything is cheaper. There is also a Carter Country that charges around $17 or $18 for Federal self-defense rounds for the same caliber.

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    I'm glad I shoot 9mm!! Still, prices have gone up from $4.63 a box to over $7. Best deal now is $12.88/100. It's almost becoming worth while to reload 9mm!

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    Raw prices of brass and copper,lead have gone way up. This will reflect the price increase in ammo to and all products made with it.

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