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    A few weeks ago I asked some questions about reloading. Since then I have been researching the various reloading supply manufacturers( Hornady, Lee, RCBS, etc.). My head is spinning as to which manufacturer to invest in. Any input from the folks here who reload as to which manufacturers are better, etc. would be of great help. Thank you in advance.

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    I'm new to reloading myself, and don't yet have an opinion on such items, but I may be able to help you in one area. I think by asking "which is better" is going to be comlpetely subjective. Sure, there are probably certain pieces of reloading equipment that funciton better than any other brand, to this person, but might not perform as well to another person. I think they all have some quality pieces to offer, and therefore your best bet may be to decide how much you are willing to spend first or reloading equipment. If you aren't sure if you'll like it or even have the time to do so, then I would suggest not spending a bunch of money on a progressive type press right off the bat. Try a single stage first, and make sure you are comfortable reloading. Then step up. Just like any other "hobby" most don't just jump in with the most expensive equipment / materieals right away.

    Good luck to you.

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    Very subjective topic, reloading products.

    Here's a partial list of particular likes and dislikes. I have my reasons but will share them only if someone asks. I use other components, supplies, and equipment but may not have a strong opinion about them.


    RCBS dies
    C&H dies
    Carbide dies for straight-walled cases
    Rockchucker press
    Remington primers
    Remington brass
    Norma brass
    Sierra bullets
    Any quality cast lead bullets
    The IMR line of rifle powders


    Lee dies
    CCI primers
    Fiocchi brass
    Federal .45 ACP brass with small primers
    Speer jacketed bullets
    Progressive loaders
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    ...my setup was a RockChucker...all the dies, powder dropper, etc were RCBS...carbide dies are worth the extra...I only loaded about 500 rds a week...and not every week...didn't justify me buying a Dillon-type hi-cap setup...RCBS is still great stuff...components are going to be the hard part...but it's a lot of fun...

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    My preferences

    In the now forty some years of reloading, I've used RCBS, Lyman, Lee and Dillon presses. I prefer Dillon presses over all the rest. For a single stage press - and in retrospect, there is little point in buying only a single stage press - I think RCBS makes an excellent product.

    I use nearly all Lee loading dies, and carbide dies for handguns always. Truthfully, I don't think there are any makers who turn out uniformly poor dies, but Lee dies work well for me and are quite economical. I have used RCBS, Lyman, Pacific and Dillon dies as well.

    For a powder scale, I think the Dillon electronic is as good as they get. I broke mine late last year after using one for fifteen years. I replaced with a Cabela's brand electronic scale and while it works, I much prefer the Dillon version.

    Loading manuals: I try to keep the latest versions of the Speer, Lyman and Hornady loading books in the library. Hodgdon puts out a 'magazine' format manual once a year or so and I try to keep that in hand as well.

    Other stuff will occur you as you go along.
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