I watched 9mm ammo deplete from on-line inventory in near real time today

I watched 9mm ammo deplete from on-line inventory in near real time today

This is a discussion on I watched 9mm ammo deplete from on-line inventory in near real time today within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I was using gunbot.net to score some decent purchases in .38 and .357 over the weekend. But 9mm was a miss all day Saturday ...

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Thread: I watched 9mm ammo deplete from on-line inventory in near real time today

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    I watched 9mm ammo deplete from on-line inventory in near real time today

    So I was using gunbot.net to score some decent purchases in .38 and .357 over the weekend. But 9mm was a miss all day Saturday and Sunday. So today I pulled up the page in 9mm, filtered on "View in-stock only" and checked out the prices. Suddenly the page updated and some seller (I forget - PSA maybe?) had 9mm FMJ 124 gr in at about 16 bucks a box. Well less than half of what the next cheapest seller had in stock! I went to seller's page and it stated 72 in stock, and the limit was 20 boxes. I filled in 20 in the inventory, then I thought, "Nah. I've dropped a boatload on ammo, and this 9mm is still a bit high over pre-panic, and I'm in a revolver state of mind as of late." So I left the page. Then about a minute later I thought "Heck, even with shipping it's not THAT bad." I went back to the site and the inventory was down to 10! This was less than three minutes! Within another minute they had sold out (and I didn't buy any).

    It was kind of cool, actually. A virtual feeding frenzy going on for 9mm and .22LR out there.

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    I will suggest to all those people that are hoarding/panic buying; to use that gun in your avatar because they are the problem.

    I viewed they same thing today. I saw a post on facebook that stated a company had some 124 grain 9mm +p JHP in stock. Ten minutes after they posted they had some in stock I told my cousin he needed to buy a box because he only had about a magazine worth of 9mm cartridges. As he purchased his box, the stock said they had 52 boxes. Well when he got done going through the shopping cart and purchasing one box(took about 2 minutes) their stock was depleted down to 40. A few minutes later they were completely out.

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    As long as most every type ammunition becomes available it will be bought up no matter the price...... They way it looks this will be happening for longer than we will like..........

    Many look at it this way..... If I don't buy it today at fifty cents a round next week it will be seventy five cents, then a dollar, etc., etc...................
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    Being on the opposite side of the world I have an advantage sometimes.

    I have found that some companies refresh there ammo inventory after midnight in the states which is mid morning for me. I have been very fortunate to be able to fill all my ammo needs from out of the way gunshops, gunbroker or direct from ammo companies by buying in bulk most times at pre panic prices.

    5.56 is still a bit pricey to me at .55 to .60 cents a round when I can find it. I did get 1000 9mm ball for $189, 1000 .45 for $415 which should hold me til I get home on leave to shoot it up.

    It does not take long once the word gets out.
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    Well I picked up 2 boxes of american eagle 9mm for 14.99 each @ sportmans warehouse yesterday. They had lots of ammo, and not nearly as many people buying it as the last few weeks.
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    Wally World (as much as I hate the company) is still selling at pre-panic prices.
    Finding stock is the problem but that's normal especially at "normal" prices.
    Yesterday got Federal 9mm. 100 round box for $21.37...that's a fair price.
    It's all gone now,of course.
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    lol thats funny! i think thats happened to me once before but its was for concert tickets and not ammo.

    its crazy how they jump off the shelf and how much faster they jump off the virtual shelf.
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