300 Win Mag VS 300WSM

300 Win Mag VS 300WSM

This is a discussion on 300 Win Mag VS 300WSM within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was looking to buy new hunting rifle and i found it. It's Tikka T3. Now the hard part. I have a choice of 300 ...

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Thread: 300 Win Mag VS 300WSM

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    300 Win Mag VS 300WSM

    I was looking to buy new hunting rifle and i found it. It's Tikka T3. Now the hard part. I have a choice of 300 Win Mag or 300 WSM. I did some research and they are about the same performance and 300WSM has a shorter action. What do you guys think since i am having hard time choosing.

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    I shoot a 300WSM and I really like the short action. for me its much faster and easier to keep on target.

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    WSM. Alot less recoil, and the short action to boot.

    Hands down

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    I looked at both however I went with the 300 RCM. Up to moose and elk with my rifle muzzle brake the recoil of a 243! I do have to hand load!

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    I was in the market for a new rifle and started checking out what I could find online and in the gun mags on the .270 wsm. There is a thing called Physics, for every action there is an equal reaction. So if you are pushing a 130gr bullet at 2900fps the recoil is going to be the same, it doesn't matter the shape of the case. They say the .270 WSM is faster, yes it is. But it uses more powder to get there.
    The WSM uses a shorter action which is more rigid and should be more accurate. But then the barrels are usually longer so the rifles end up being the same length.
    WSM ammo is more expensive. But once you have the brass it’s about the same price to reload either one. The .270 Win can use longer, or a heaver, bullets.
    I ended up with a Remington 700 in .270 Win. My son bought a BAR in .270 WSM. After going to the range we both said the .270 had less recoil. We were using 130gr bullets in both rifles.
    So as far as the .30 WSM goes I guess it comes down to personnel preference. I will add that I have seen .270 Win in small town stores in Montana (wasn’t looking for .30 cal) but not .270 WSM. Again this was in a small town store. Not a big thing if you have ammo but my FIL had a problem with the ammo he brought with on a hunt and had to buy some. I’m just glad we didn’t have to drive for hours to find it.

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    .300 Win Mag is definitely more available than the .300 WSM.

    Differences are minute. .300 Win Mag is cheaper.
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    I will always prefer the longer cartridge over the short magnum. When people talk of accuracy, the thing is, how much really makes a difference? Most people cant shoot up to the mechanical accuracy of the rifle regardless of chambering, so its a moot point.
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    Unless hunting elk at long range or moose/big bears, I always felt the 300 WM was a bit of overkill. Expensive and heavier recoil for anything my .30-06 would accomplish just as easily. But between the two you mentioned, I'd say the 300 WM for ammo alone.
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    I have a T3 in 300 WM and love it! Ammo is very easy to find also.
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    I am obsessed with sectional density & heavy for caliber bullets penetrate deeper buck the wind better and make a bigger mushroom so a bigger hole.
    Short mags don't like long heavy bullets because they have to be seated deep into the case so they will cycle through the action. When that happens powder capacity is reduced so therefore velocity is reduced and the magnum isen't a magnum anymore.

    My vote goes to the .300 win. mag. It is one fine cartridge!

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    I would say Weatherby but since that wasn't a choice- around here anything with WSM is hard to find shells for and you pay for them when you do . For that reason plus as mentioned the short mag doesn't handle the heavier bullets as well I would vote for the Win.

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    Of the 2 listed I would go with the 300 win mag. I have several friends that love them, I prefer my old 30.06. but that is just me. My boss bought a 300 Ultra mag a few years ago. I Have seen him drop an Elk at 700 yards with one shot but DAMN that thing kicks.

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    Never even fired a 300WSM but I've been hunting a 300 Win Mag for 30 years. Forget about short cycle, low recoil, etc for a moment. I've hunted from West to East and never walked more than 25 yards for a downed deer and that was only a couple of times. That cartridge is extremely effective.
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