UMC experiences/what do you shoot?

UMC experiences/what do you shoot?

This is a discussion on UMC experiences/what do you shoot? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Planning on picking up a G19 in the next couple weeks, however, I feel I chose a terrible time to purchase my first 9mm. I ...

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    UMC experiences/what do you shoot?

    Planning on picking up a G19 in the next couple weeks, however, I feel I chose a terrible time to purchase my first 9mm. I picked up a 250 round box of Remington UMC today simply because it was reasonably priced, I own no 9mm rounds, and it's the only 9mm ammo I have seen on shelves around here in a while. My question is how do the UMC rounds perform? What other target loads do you recommend? Lastly, what 9mm defensive round do you prefer?

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    I've used them many times; they have worked just fine for me.

    Right now, I recommend whatever target rounds you can get your hands on. My G19 "eats" anything I put through it.

    I have used several different defensive rounds. I currently use Remington Golden Sabers 124g +p
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    UMC is just about the only production ammo I shoot. It performs just fine, and like you said, it's reasonably priced.

    Winchester white box always seemed a bit on the dirty side, Federal is usually priced a fair bit higher, and other brands aren't readily available in my neck of the woods.

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    Never found a reason to like the yellow-box stuff. In .45, .40 and .223, it's noticeably less accurate for me than the American Eagle or Win WB. No cleaner of dirtier, and never had a function problem with it, just not as accurate as the others.
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    im currently shooting rem. umc fmj's [green & white box] thru my 1911 45 acp to break it in [only got 100 rds thru it so far] and ive had multiple bullets set back a little bit,the brass is pretty soft and from just 1 minute of googling this seems to be a serious problem with the umc ammo line. 9mm operates at higher pressures than a 45 acp does so you will have to be even more cautious and pay attention to the ammo you shoot. you didnt mention if you got fmj's or the jhp's. either way be careful out there bud

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    I've shot thousands of UMC rounds in various calibers. Never had a problem, other than my aim. UMC, Mag Tech, SB - I'm an equal opportunity plinking ammo buyer.
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    My guns don't care what you stick in them, as long as you fondle it and clean it afterwards. LOL.

    UMC is fine, never had any issue with it.

    As far as defensive ammo, pick one.... a HP round of whatever.... if you ask that question you will get every ammo mentioned known to man, all of the arguments and specifications on performance anyone can dig up , and the bottom line is .... No one wants to be get shot by any of them. Use one that works good in your gun.
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    I like UMC, it is cleaner that WWB usually and very affordably priced. I'd rate it probably #2 behind Federal Champion 100pk for my favorite range ammo, mainly due to cost. Those yellow boxes are very rare these days, I remember about a year ago when I could go to Walmart and find 100pk of Federal for $19.97 and UMC 250pk for $56.99, prices are the same but supply is extremely rare.

    On a side note, someone did a gel test on the UMC hollow point, it performed surprisingly well for beign like $0.35 per round. Not Gold Dot performance, but impressive at the price.

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    I've shot thousands of rounds of Remington UMC and I've never had a problem.

    For defensive ammo I use Federal Hydra-Shok JHP 147g
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    We have shot a truck load of UMC ammo, and have plenty of it on hand good stuff

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    I just got 10 boxes of fed 100 round for $210.00. 1000 rounds of 9mm for $210.00 is the reason walmart is great.

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    Thousands of rounds down the tube in 9mm and .357 with no problems. It's fine for practice.

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    I have had no problems with Remington or their budget line, UMC, other than with Remington .22 LR. I have had enough bad experiences with these that I will never again buy any Remington .22 LRs. They apparently have a problem getting a consistent layer of priming compound in the rim, and I have had too many misfires/hangfires to count. However, that said, you shouldn't have any problems with their 9mms, or any other of their center fire loads. Shoot 'em in good health and with confidence

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    i've fired many, many rounds of UMC in 9mm, .45ACP, and .357SIG. no problems whatsoever.

    my current SD rounds in 9mm are Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain, and Cor Bon 115 grain +P.

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    No trouble with it.

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