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What's good to shoot besides paper targets?

This is a discussion on What's good to shoot besides paper targets? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For handguns I like to shoot logs. They spin and roll when hit and hold together pretty well. For rifles at ranges of 50 yards ...

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Thread: What's good to shoot besides paper targets?

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    For handguns I like to shoot logs. They spin and roll when hit and hold together pretty well.

    For rifles at ranges of 50 yards or greater I like to shoot rocks. Grape fruit sized rocks or a little bigger (6-9'')work the best, when hit they explode into puffs of white smoke. I've determined 50 yards to be the closest safe distance for rock shooting due to shrapnell concerns. Even medium powered rifle calibers such as 7.62x39 and .30-30 have pretty imppresive results on small rocks. The .30-06 at 100 yards is fun because you can hear the bullet impact the rock a fraction of a second after it desintigrates.
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    Lots of good sugestions here. I like the empty shotgun hulls for my 22s. And soup cans for the 9mms hit them just right and they takeoff flying. Also I have a dueling tree for the 22s its a challenge to hit those. With 2 people it can get challenging not to mention aggrevating. I use the exploding targets to but I see you cant use them where you shoot. I have a private area where I shoot so its not a problem. Lots of good sugestions tho as I always looking for something differentto shoot. Have fun.


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    I often thought it would be fun to build some small test walls using different materials for each one.

    The thinking here is that you could test different realistic structures made with real materials under fire. Shoot a cinder block wall with a 9mm and then with a 45acp. Then move one out to 100 yards and hit it with a 308.

    Hollywood would like us to think that a car door or 55 gallon drum is good cover when under fire from AK-47. Same reason why a SKS or AK is not suitable for home defense.
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    I built a range on my place and have been buying (slowly) 2/3rds IDPA targets in 520 steel from Arntzen targets. I've got 3 now along with their portable stands. I'm waiting till we have the house built to start buying poppers, those bad boys are HEAVY and right now I take everything back home after shooting.

    The standing steel is great for drills because they don't have to be reset. I can get a lot of practice in an hour or so, then just hose them down again with paint. I also welded up some target stands to hold IDPA cardboard targets.

    When the guys get together at my place we can run COFs. We usually finish up with Mano "E" Mano bowling pins with a steel target in the center. 1st one to knock down his pins, shoots the steel, then the loser resets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P-111 Pro View Post
    Potato's are cheap fun, so are Ritz crackers. Dont forget Christmas tree bulbs. Tis the season.
    now that ritz cracker deal sounds fun and no clean up

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    Quote Originally Posted by nn View Post
    now that ritz cracker deal sounds fun and no clean up
    Oreo cookies too.
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    I think that anything you can see react to the bullet strike can be good practice for transitioning from one target to another.

    One of the biggest problems shooting multiple targets fast is the tendancy to try to see that you scored a hit before moving to the next target. Steel plates, water bottles or anything that you can see move when hit can help you develop the skill to call your shots.

    A problem I had in competitive shooting was hitting multiple steel plates. Even on days when I was consistently hitting the "A" zone of paper, I would miss the plate.

    It was explained to me that this was because of the natural tendency to look at the target to see if it falls (you don't do this with card board because you can't see the holes anyway). This screws up your followthrough.

    Once I got to practice regularly on steel plates, etc. I noticed I could hit where I aimed on paper targets much faster than before.

    And don't get me wrong guys. I'm not trying to give the impression that I'm some kinda gun guru - I'm not. I just saw a NOTICABLE improvement in my pitiful skills.

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    Don't forget the good ol NECO wafers. The boy likes to toss old golf balls in the air and hit them with the 12 GA.
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    paper, pins, steel. make some target stands for paper, buy some good steel, and get several pins and have fun.

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    Once I got a case of spray paint for almost nothing, Now that was fun to shoot.
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    Well shaken warm pop cans are about as interesting as dropping mentos into diet Coke
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    Buy cheap 9" paper plates from Wally mart when you go to pick up your WWB and Blazer Brass.

    Its cheap and works better than typing or notebook paper, and approximates the size of your kill zone. Use scotch tape for sticking it to something. I use thin plywood cut into 6' tall x 2' wide pieces, with potted plant holder shepherd's hooks from Lowes to hold up the plywood. Stick the shepherds hooks into the ground and lean the plywood against it. I have my shepherds hooks just the right height (6") so that the top loop goes over and around the plywood from rear to front and holds the plywood up even in a good breeze. You can tape a plate for the upper-center chest zone and one for the head. Cheap and works great for a multiple target set-up. You ought to see my 64 year old mom with her SW642 shoot three targets at 5-15 feet from a concealed draw while moving, or my wife do the same with the G19. I pity the fool that messes with either of them two. Its fun to watch people progress from "where do the bullets go" to killing three targets from a draw, while moving, in less than 3 seconds.
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