Anyone carry Magtech .45 165gr SCHPs?

Anyone carry Magtech .45 165gr SCHPs?

This is a discussion on Anyone carry Magtech .45 165gr SCHPs? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi Guys, I was looking for some light JHPs to carry in my G30 and my Gun Shop handed me a box of Magtech 165gr ...

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Thread: Anyone carry Magtech .45 165gr SCHPs?

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    Anyone carry Magtech .45 165gr SCHPs?

    Hi Guys,

    I was looking for some light JHPs to carry in my G30 and my Gun Shop handed me a box of Magtech 165gr Solid Copper HPs.

    I haven't heard that many good things about Magtech, are these a decent defensive ammo. They feed fine, but I was wondering if the SC lives up to it's name (better weight retention due to no jacket to breakup).


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    What's wrong with MagTech?
    Shoots great for me.

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    I also have never had a single problem with magtech ammo. I haven't used the hollow points though.

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    I have not shot any of the Magtech .45 first defense ammo, but have shot the .380 first defense and did some testing on it with water jugs.

    It did not expand much at all with jugs of water. Did the same tests with corbon and speer gold dots and got good expansion although the speer did loose the jacket on about half of the rounds. So, I have started to carry either corbons or been reloading with the speer gold dot lead.

    That being said, I do not know what type of expansion the magtech first defense get with ballistics jel or in tissue, have not seen anything on that.

    This is the tread with pics of the .380 first defense rounds.
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    380ACP Magtech

    In the 380ACP flavor, the Magtech wouldn't fit into the magazines of my KelTec P3AT. Couldn't even get one bullet to fit in any one of four mags. Similar type of issue to the CorBon JHP I've tried in my CZ P01 and Browning BDM, where the CorBons were both noticeably shorter than all other rounds I've tried ... and likewise had feeding issues (jams). The Magtechs look competent, and the all-copper feature is interesting, but it's hard to use 'em if they won't cycle (for me). Unknown if these issues exist with other guns.
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    I have shot a little bit of the schp in .45 I believe and the only thing I didn't like about them was the muzzle flash. It was quite a bit more than the other premium JHPs I have shot.

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