Good article on the fading popularity of the .40S&W

Good article on the fading popularity of the .40S&W

This is a discussion on Good article on the fading popularity of the .40S&W within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Very good article on The Bang Switch about many police departments and many civilians switching from .40 to the 9mm. This interested me because I ...

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Thread: Good article on the fading popularity of the .40S&W

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    Good article on the fading popularity of the .40S&W

    Very good article on The Bang Switch about many police departments and many civilians switching from .40 to the 9mm. This interested me because I recently did the same thing, for the very reasons mentioned in the article.

    The Fading 40 | The Bang Switch
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    Its all what you like. I happen to have a .40 and love it. Nothing wrong with 9mm and nothing wrong with .40. Its all about shot placement and what caliber you are accurate with. Around here, all the police departments and Sheriff's deparents carry .40. I don't see the .40 ever fading away.

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    My primary EDC is the 40 cal. I can shoot it as fast and as accurately as a 9mm, recoil doesnt bother me either.

    Guess its just me but my preference if I could just go buy whatever I wanted whenever i wanted is 357 40 cal then 45 with 9mm falling last. Actually I prefer the 38 spl +p to the 9mm.

    As I said I guess its just me. I know how things feel to me when i shoot em and I know how things get knocked down with I hit em with what calibers.
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    Our LEOs use glock .40 but are switching back to glock .45
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    I've never understood how modern ammo helped the 9mm so much but not the .40

    A few of the reasons i like the .40 in the platform i use. Which is the XD Service Model.

    1. exact same gun/frame as the 9mm.

    2. similar capacity to the 9mm.

    3. Slings a bigger bullet with just as much velocity with energy levels even more than .45

    4. I can mag dump it at a human sized target at SD ranges with negligible results comparative to my old XD-9

    5. The snap and extra power makes me feel cool.

    With that being said. i'm actually looking into buying a Gen 4 G19 or an M&P 9 to add to my lineup. And i would have no doubts about them getting the job done.
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    7 years ago all I owned was 40 (with the exception of a 1911 that I own just because I feel like I should own a 1911). Today I have one 40 and I am doing all I can to trade it to a 9 or 45.

    The modern ammo argument works for the 9 because with ball ammo or ammunition that is likely not to expand there is a real problem with the 9mm. But with quality defensive ammunition that problem is negated. When the problem isn't as relevant to the caliber the fact that better ammunition exists doesn't make as much of a difference. To answer the post above.

    1. Yes it is. That argument works both ways.
    2. No, the 9mm holds more in every platform I've ever shot. More is more whether it is 1 round or 100 rounds. Nobody has ever lost a gunfight because they had extra ammo available. The same cannot be said for the opposite.
    3. It is bigger than the 9. That argument works against it when compared to the 45. Energy levels don't mean everything. The energy present in the round after it punches through an opponent isn't a good thing.
    4. I can dumb a mag of anything at a human sized target at what people call self defense ranges. But if the self defense range becomes 75 yards I like my ability to shoot accurately with the 9mm or 45 better.
    5. If you draw a sense of coolness from a caliber why are you shooting anything other than 50 AE?

    The only reason I did that is to show that every argument is circular. We all have to make the decision that we believe is best. It is a handgun, compromises are being made whether we want to admit to them or not. There's nothing wrong with the 40, it works as advertised. However after examining my situation I can't find anything that I believe it does better for me than the other calibers can do. Since I shoot 9 and 45 better than the 40 and the 40 isn't giving me anything that I personally believe is of more importance I've been shifting away from it. That said my duty gun is the 40 that I still own.
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    I've only owned one .40 S&W in my life, a Glock 22 years ago. On paper the forty looks good but I don't feel it has enough of an edge over the 9mm to bother with it. I have considered picking one up for two reasons. First off, there's a ton of .40 S&W ammo available, although now that 9mm is coming back into stock that's not as big a deal. The second reason is that many forties can be converted to .357 Sig with just a barrel swap. That alone has me itching to buy an HK USPc or a P2000 in .40.
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    I didn't read the article, and having said that, I really don't have a caliber preference or opinion of the best caliber. I don't think that question has a definitive answer. If I went back into leo work, I would happily carry a .357, 9mm, .40 cal, or .45 acp.
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    I was a 10mm fan early on, and have always regarded the .40 as a false pretender. I've only shot one a few times, and never had a desire to own or use one.
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    When I saw the author "never like 40 to begin with" I didn't expect to much from him.
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    As a owner of several .40 cal pistols, I can say I would feel just as well armed with a 9mm and quality defensive ammo. I have seen PD who cannot qual. With the .40 pass with a 9mm of the same gun. 9mm got a bad rap , but realistically no pistol caliber is going to be a great threat stopper.
    However with the recent shortages in ammo I was glad to have multiple calibers as 9mm was impossible to find locally and outrageously priced on line.
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    I have one .40 and I can COM no prob even rapid fire. I'm ok with that. I also practice rapid fire with a 12" paper target at 20 ft. they may be all over the plate but they are on the plate. I'm ok with that.

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    I guess I am not a fan of the .40 either, As a purely practical matter, I do not believe that as a SD round you really pick up that much of an advantage over the 9mm for what you are giving up in terms of recoil and other factors mentioned in the article. However, just like art, everyone's taste and preferences will vary.
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    I did not see where the article proved the 40 was fading. A couple of police department switching to 9mm and he could not come up with enough switching from 40 so he included 45. He did not reference any of the agencies switching from 9mm to a more powerful round. He stated he did not like 40 cal.
    I don't see the purpose of his article accept to prove that he likes 9mm. We don't really need to know that.
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    One man's opinion,,,,, is one man's opinion,,,,
    My opinion is the 40 is superior to the 9mm
    and in my home that is really all that COUNTS.
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