Aguila Ammo????

Aguila Ammo????

This is a discussion on Aguila Ammo???? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have seen a lot of test done all kinds of different brands and type of ammo, but have not seen any test results from ...

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Thread: Aguila Ammo????

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    Question Aguila Ammo????

    I have seen a lot of test done all kinds of different brands and type of ammo, but have not seen any test results from the Aguila IQ ammo. This is referred to as the ammo with an IQ. Anybody have any info on this ammo???
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    Hmmm - my only Aquila ever used has been .22 in various forms. Didn't realize they did centerfire - assuming this IQ is such.

    Interested too to know more.
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    Saw some of this and I think I have a box of .45 somewhere. They made it in 9mm and .40 also. It was an Aluminum bullet with a very deep, sharp hollowpoint and cuts in the side. IIRC it was designed to cut through harder targets but break up in soft targets. The hollowpoint was so deep I believe it would be hard to clog it up with heavy clothes, drywall, etc. I never tested it or trusted it enough to consider carrying it. It's discontinued as far as I know.

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    Imfo found about the Aguila Ammo..

    I have been able to purchase this brand of ammo in 9mm, 40cal and 45acp. The company no longer manufactures this ammo. Some ammo dealers still have a few rounds. When I went to get my ccw license my instructor said he went to a training facility for the Texas DPS and the test that they did was to line up four car doors and shoot them with the 9mm IQ. The result was the 9mm penetrated all four doors and exploded a gal. of water.
    The 9mm is a 65gr hollow point, 40 cal is 95gr hollow point and the 45 acp is 117gr hollow point.
    The following is what I found on a web site that sells the ammo.

    This is Aguila .45 ACP IQ 117gr. Hollow Point Ammunition. This ammo has a special 117 grain intelligent bullet, which travels at 1450 FPS. This ammunition is loaded with the first intelligent bullet, made of an alloy (no lead) with a low specific weight. This feature allows light bullets like these to have a size similar to those projectiles made from lead. These are called intelligent bullets because they recognize the hardness of the target at the moment the projectile hits it, and in nanoseconds the projectile configures accordingly. Thus, if the target is very hard, the IQ bullet will have superior penetration while maintaining its weight and size. If the target is soft like ballistic gelatin, it will not overpenetrate, transferring all the energy into the soft target, and breaking apart into three or four sharp fragments, each creating independent wound channels. Two additional features that make this high performance ammunition unique is that they can be fired in any firearm made for the corresponding caliber, without any modification to the firearm, and recoil is substantially less than when shooting regular ammunition. The IQ line of ammunition was specially developed with personal defense and law enforcement applications in mind and it is also suitable for hunting. IQ cartridges will achieve substantial higher velocities when fired in long barreled weapons. Recent tests with a .45 Cal. with a 16" barrel produced velocities very close to 1800 fps generating less recoil than similar ammunition at slower velocities. The 117 grain alloy hollow point bullet is designed to go through a 3/4" ballistic polycarbonate plate, plus up to 12" of ballistic gelatin without breaking, maintaining the full weight. Such a plate will easily stop conventional 9mm, .357 Magnum and .45 ACP bullets. However, if fired directly into a block of ballistic gelatin, it will break into three or four sharp fragments going in different directions, which will not exit the gelatin block. This is the only cartridge in the world achieving this dual result.
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    Hello. I've not seen any of this ammunition in quite a while but here are some informal test results on the 9mm version:


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    I have a couple boxes of em in route from, I'll try em out and see what happens.

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    Do a couple of searches over Evan Marshall's site, ""; there are multiple threads about it in the "stopping power" forum.

    No one has much good to say about it, but it isn't particularly inaccurate or prone to cause jams. The knock against it is that its terminal performance seems sort of questionable to those who have tried it.

    I have no personal experience with the ammo, though.


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