Scored some 22 LR!!!

Scored some 22 LR!!!

This is a discussion on Scored some 22 LR!!! within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went to wally world as they wer estocking and walked out with 3 boxes of Winchester 555........ its been a good week indeed....

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Thread: Scored some 22 LR!!!

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    Scored some 22 LR!!!

    Went to wally world as they wer estocking and walked out with 3 boxes of Winchester 555........ its been a good week indeed.
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    I scored 2 525 Remington golden bullets at Academy,$46 and change,but I went there 3 times this week,and they had a lot of 100 round packs for $8.99+tax
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    Growing up, we would generally have a couple, two or three, partially full, 50 count boxes of .22 ammo in the house. No one every thought anything about that small amount of ammo.

    If we needed more, you could go virtually anywhere, and buy all you wanted, though, since it was always available, we never bought much at one time. Just enough for that days shooting, and would perhaps have a little left over, at the end of the day.

    Sounds like ancient history to me, now. Im pretty sure that after an almost continuous ammo shortage under Obama, that none of us will ever go back to having "just a few rounds on hand", anymore.

    Man, I miss the old days.
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    How times change. Once in a while I shoot a .22 steel match at my club - 4 stages, 5 runs per stage, typically 5-6 shots required per run if you don't miss. Most everyone runs automatics. Well, ,22 ammo being what it is, jams and misfires are not rare and at the "unload and show clear" command typically another round is jacked onto the table. Until this summer, I only rarely saw anyone picking up those unfired rounds... last weekend I saw every other shooter chasing after those 'dimes' lying on the tables!
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    Was in Bass today and they had plenty of 50-round boxes of Remington Thunderbolt TB-22A 22lr ammo for $2.49 a box. They had a 5-box limit. I checked and the lot numbers were not on the recall list. Check the link below for the recall details.

    Remington Ammunition Recall: 22 Thunderbolt - The Firearm Blog

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    i stopped by one of my local wal mart yesterday and walked by the all ways empty ammo case. there were two girls working on a 30-30 lever action gun store tag. one asked me if i need any help, i told her i was just looking for some 22 ammo. she said we had the big boxes today, but they did not last long. just my luck, a day late and a dollar short. i never would think we would be in this type of mess of a 22lr shortage. i wish i would have got a box every time i went to wal mart and other sporting good store before the madness hit.
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    OHH ~ OHH ~ OHH ~ stop the presses

    I was in WW this evening and they had plenty of 9mm, 45acp, 44mag, 45colt, 380acp, 556 & 223, 12g slugs & 00buck, and 357mag ……………… are you ready for this……………..22lr too

    And it was like 7pm in the evening!

    I bought: 3-boxes of 525-rounds of 22lr, 3-boxes of 100-round 9mm, & 10-boxes of 20-rounds of Remington 5.56/XM193, and yes the WW in my area does let you buy up too a reasonable amount of ammo at a time depending on what their stock is on hand.

    My kids will be happy happy happy that we will be going out to the range this weekend to sight in our rifles and practice, just in time for hunting season; but maybe that’s why they had so much in stock too

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