Interesting read

Interesting read

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Thread: Interesting read

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    Interesting read

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    Just the same it behooves all of us to be the Ant and NOT the grasshopper. Let's say you make the (semi) score of a lifetime on ammo!! Let's say you got 10 calibers to stock for including 22. You're fine as can be on 3. You got 308, .303 and 30.06 coming outta your ears.

    You make the deal of a lifetime for price per round and seller pays the freight to your destination. Please don't be stupid and shoot it all up. Put away (for your grand kids at least a third of it huh?)

    Whether that third be 3,000R or 30,000R or 300,000 ROUNDS put some ammo away for a Rainy Day cuz folks the rainy days are on the horizon. Mark my words.
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    I'm going to disagree a bit. The "law" of supply & demand will prevail. It's not a suggestion, ordinance or policy, it's the law! How's the war on drugs going?

    No doubt you may elect not to purchase ammo due to excessive pricing and restrictions, but it will always be available somewhere for a price.
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    I read thread on this the other day and I don't remember whose response it was but they completely debunked the premise of the article. This has been on the books since 2010 and most of your lead in ammo is coming from remanufactured sources anyways.

    Don't believe the hype

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    I do not know why particular article is such a surprise. Thanks to EPA regulations the US smelters have been going out of business for quite a while. A considerable portion of the lead, for shooting, has been coming from overseas for almost 20 years now. Shipping and import related charges have been make the largest part of lead costs to consumers in the US.

    This is just more junk from the media to make people panic. Great, another ammo and bullet buying panic because someone decided to take their head out of the sand and realize what has been happening for quite some time now. "The sky is falling, The sky is falling, we're all doomed".
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    "The sky " may not be falling YET- but IF enough countries are forced to sign the UN treaty banning export/import of arms and munitions there will NO Longer be ammo coming here from anywhere else. IOW all the "cheap(er)" ammo from Russia etc. is GONE .... once that happens then things will likely get much worse here(ammo tax of 40% anyone) ....

    Anyone who still trusts This Regime- gets what they deserve IMHO
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    With as much lead there is to recycle I just don't see the prices of ammo being effected. I'm 52 and can remember when a box of Remington 9mm 115gr FMJs were $25 for 50. PMC came onto the market and 9mm FMJs were around $10. That's when UMC came back and WWB and the prices came down to the cheapest I have ever seen. I reload a lot and have for around 30 yrs the only thing that has really gone up is bullets. I just don't see the ammo manufactures hurting them selves by doubling or tripling the price. From what I understand all the major manufactors are running 24/7 and have every round they can produce for the next 2 years sold already. Look at everything else that is imported into the US it is way cheaper than what is made in the states. I really don't see the prices of lead rising but falling. IMO

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