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S&W Model 60: .357 or .38 +p for self defense?

This is a discussion on S&W Model 60: .357 or .38 +p for self defense? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A med vel. 357 load like the 130 Speer Short barrel 357 or 125gr. Rem Golden Saber don,t kick to bad and have good power ...

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Thread: S&W Model 60: .357 or .38 +p for self defense?

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    A med vel. 357 load like the 130 Speer Short barrel 357 or 125gr. Rem Golden Saber don,t kick to bad and have good power if you can shoot them without finching for follow-up shots. They don,t seem excessive to me.

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    Spend some cash

    It might cost a bit, but buy some of each and shoot them at the range in a head to head test. Make it as realistic as you can. Full sized targets in dim light, not too far away, fast shooting. If it takes to long to get good hits with the full power magnums, then step down to the medium velocity. Too much flash and blast, try something different. You might be fine with magnums, you might end up with .38 Spl. Go with the results you get based on your timer and targets. If you worry about overpenetrating, pick something light and fast without a bonded core. Cor Bon JHP, Silvertips, Hydra-Shoks, etc, and avoid the stuff designed for deep penetrating (Gold Dot, DPX, XTP, etc.) Not that they're bad loads, just not what you're looking for. Pick something more likely to expand big and maybe break apaprt.

    There was a thread on non +P ammo just a little bit ago. Scroll down and you'll probably find it. I'm still hoarding my supply of Nyclads, but I'll write you into my will for the remainder on request

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    i've tried .357's in my 649. i can hit with them, but not as well or as quick as with the speer 135 gr .38+p's.

    i carry the .38 +p's. ymmv.

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    Right..... shot placement is key and most important with any firearm for self defense. If you can shoot the 357's fast and accurate i'd go with them. you should'nt have to worry about over penetration with the lighter 125 grain rounds especially from a snubbie. In my experience the gold dot short barrels work the best and surprisingly the golden sabers 125's opened up consistently as well.

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    Have to agree with Keith -- mostly carry 135 GD in 638 &/or 640-1.
    Prefer a .45 but can't always. With .357/2" -- you can say" He went that-a-way, officer. He's flash blind, stone deaf & his eyebrows are on fire!" :D
    Stay SAFE!!

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    +1 to shot placement and follow-up, the real issues. As others have said, you might want to give the Speer Gold Dot .357 mangnum 135gr HPs for short barrel a spin. I have a 340ss and find this actually more comfortable than 38+Ps of the same weight and short barrell; price wise they are within a dollar.
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    No.1 is good placement of the hit,second is controlability,and third (my favourite) is the strenght of the bullet when it hit the target.
    When bullet meet the meat,you want as strong as posible,because real gunfights is not like on the movie.
    Im cariing the Ruger SP101 3" in 357,and G17..Before this,I had S&W 60 in 357 and whose shooting with it a lot. Most of the ammo I used for a training whose PPU 158grs FMJ and 158grs JSP Hirtenberger. Trust me,this are very,very strong "traning ammo".Why did I shoot with this on my traning ? Because if I ever get in some ugly,dangerus situation,my 125grs full power JHP ammo will not be a problem for me,because it is much easier to control 125grs then those "training ******* " from Hirtenberger.
    Hard training make easier fighting.
    And think about traning defensive shooting one handed,because it is most likely the way it is gona be.
    Hope never.
    I personally carry full power loads in all weapons.
    And never had any problem with control.
    Maybe because I did a lot of load testing on balistic gelatine and pigs,roe dears and have put some limits.
    No ammo under 400 ft/lbs,no ammo under 9mm,no ammo under 10" inch of penetration and no ammo over 15" inch penetration.
    If it is not tested,it is not in my gun safe or my weapon.
    If you can shoot the head,shoot the head.
    If not,empty what ever you have in atacker,because they don t fall like in the movies.
    Trust me.
    Training is everything.
    Next is your cold head and will to stay alive
    After all this,you will not think about your wrist.
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