issue with new ammo purchase

issue with new ammo purchase

This is a discussion on issue with new ammo purchase within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently bought a box of Federal Premium 9mm 124 Grain HST JHP Personal Defense. I was disappointed to find what looks like corrosion all ...

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Thread: issue with new ammo purchase

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    issue with new ammo purchase

    I recently bought a box of Federal Premium 9mm 124 Grain HST JHP Personal Defense. I was disappointed to find what looks like corrosion all over the shells. Ive bought this ammo before and never saw anything like this. The ammo also has a rough texture, feel gritty in my fingers. I this normal?
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    Not sure what the problem is with what appears to be corrosion but I would take it back. Some places say that ammo is not returnable and if it is I would contact Federal company about their ammo. I would not fire it period.
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    I had some issues with Hornady a while back, and they were prompt about sending a full box of replacements. I can't really see the spots on the casing from the picture, but it is possible that something may have gotten into the shipment (water exposure, etc.), or it may have been exposed to humidity variations. Federal would likely be interested in seeing it, as they can determine were it was sent an by whom. May be there is wherein the problem lies.
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    Yep I agree with Ghost more then likly bad storage .. Call em up see what they can do or go to the store you bought it from and see..

    The photos are not clear but that does not look right ( and I have fired a far share of hydro)
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    Send it to me for roper disposal. I have an ammunition disassembly machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nmuskier View Post
    Send it to me for roper disposal. I have an ammunition disassembly machine.
    I have one of those too.

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    Too bad IMO. Yeah.....unacceptable.
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    Call the manufacturer FIRST. They may know of an issue with the lot and be willing to send you replacement ammo.
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    Looks fine to me... If your worried about it you can always take little bit of steel wool to it, will clean it right up.. But I'd just use it as is.. It won't affect performance of it... I've had plenty of ammo that looked worse that yours and it worked fine..

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    I would contact both, Federal and the place of purchase.
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    From the pictures, it looks like moisture got to where it was stored. Probably condensate from a poorly ventilated storage facility. With the extreme temperatures we have had this winter, it would also not surprise me if a pipe broke over where the ammo was being stored. Whatever the reason, I would return the ammo. If the dealer says ammo can't be returned, insist you speak with the store manager.

    Federal might not be able to help you directly if contacted but may be able to tell from the barcode where the ammo came from. The distributor who sold to the dealer might then be able to help resolve the problem with the bad box you bought.
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