Inspecting ammo

Inspecting ammo

This is a discussion on Inspecting ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Let me see who else has a weird habit like me. I have found myself over the past year inspecting and wiping my ammo off ...

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Thread: Inspecting ammo

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    Inspecting ammo

    Let me see who else has a weird habit like me. I have found myself over the past year inspecting and wiping my ammo off before range time. Mainly in pistol. Rifle not so much cause I reload those. Does anyone else do this? Call me strange.

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    If bought brand new from store I may glance at it as I am loading for any obvises issues .. But if bought second hand I may look a bit more closey
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    your strange lol
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    I periodically check my SD ammo. That's because i have it sitting in the magazine so long.
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    depends on what kind it is. I would do something like that at times. I probably look at the spent casings more
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    Gramps used to reload my 9mm for me, so yes I inspected each round including standing it on a mirror to check for high primers. There were enough of those that he no longer reloads 9mm for me. Other than looking at each factory made round as I load it I've never inspected ammo. UNTIL last week when he came home with 2 boxes of Federal Self Defense "Light Recoil" to restock my carry ammo. I looked at them before breaking the seal and every single bullet looked old and corroded.

    First: No "light recoil" stuff for me.
    Second: Those were the crummiest looking bullets - even through the clear plastic part of the case.

    They went back. Gramps came back home with 2 boxes of Hornady - cardboard. I immediately opened the boxes and the rounds were SOoooo pretty and shiny!
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    I love the feel of a brand new box of ammo- all shiny and fingerprint free.
    I love running my fingers through a new bulk pack of 9mm.
    Does a new box even shoot hotter and smell better?

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    Years ago, I would buy a new box of shells for my deer rifle every other year... or so. I pretty much never fired more than once per deer, so always had extra shells. My Cousin and I were watching TV after a hunt, and one of those TV hunting shows came on.

    One hunter was shooting some high end bullet, and the other hunter shooting some other high end bullets. The kind me & my Cousin certainly never once had.

    My Cousin looks over at me, and says "What kind of bullets do you have?" I said "Green, (tarnished), and not green."

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    I look at carry rounds, Range stuff not so much. DR

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    Ye gods, I don't have that kind of time on my hands. Last weekend I loaded 600+ rounds of .45 for an upcoming match, and at least 30% were chamber-checked to ensure they'd cycle properly in my gun. I move the loaded rounds from the collection bucket on the press to 50-round trays, so I get a quick visual on the primer end of the cases. I also check about 10% of my rounds for OAL. These checks add a little bit of time to my loading sessions, but far less than a manual visual on every round.
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    With sidearm: I glance at the range stuff, sure, but don't much worry about things except for dents and cuts in the case lips. With carry stuff, though, I eval each and every round before loading up, to be sure I've got the best stuff I can carry. Suspect cartridges go into the "range" box, then tested there.

    With rifle: I quickly eval each round before I load it into the magazine.

    In both cases, in situations with firing/cycling errors, I try to evaluate the problem with that given round afterwards ... at least, to the extent possible.
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    I've gotten into the habit of visually inspecting each round when finished reloading a batch. Last step before I put them in the boxes and on the shelf for future range trips. Takes less than 2 minutes for each 50 rounds, and I've just usually spent 1-2 hours reloading 100 rounds, another 10 minutes at the end is worth the peace of mind for me.

    So far in less than 3k rounds, I've found 1 high primer and 1 split case. Worth it to me and then I don't feel the need to inspect when I'm loading mags at the range. But even before, or when I run factory ammo - I usually glance them over before loading in the mags. Going forward, I like the habit of inspecting all ammo before I even get to the range.

    Carry ammo I've always inspected before loading up.
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    No...but I have on one occasion noticed that a bullet was seated farther down in a casing than all of the other ones. I discarded that one. I'm not 100% sure, but I would think the manufacture would have some kind of QC that looks for any abnormalities. I'm sure though, like the one I found, a few may sneak past QC.
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    I shoot mainly reloads which have already been inspected and stored in a plastic box, so I consider them good to go. I recently noticed that some Speer SD rounds I bought have distorted cases, which surprises me as everyone knows commercial rounds are so much more reliable and higher quality than handloads. But because I'd already shot half the box of Speers and they fed, chambered, and fired fine, I put the rest in ignore mode.
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    I should check 'em all but I don't. Only the carry rounds get scrutinized.
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