Bulk Ammunition, FMJ or HP?

Bulk Ammunition, FMJ or HP?

This is a discussion on Bulk Ammunition, FMJ or HP? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a VZ-58/2008 on the way in as we speak. I also seem to have a vast shortage of 7.62x39 laying around the house, ...

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Thread: Bulk Ammunition, FMJ or HP?

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    Bulk Ammunition, FMJ or HP?

    I have a VZ-58/2008 on the way in as we speak.

    I also seem to have a vast shortage of 7.62x39 laying around the house, as such, I'm going to need to order a good quantity of ammunition shortly.

    It seems both the HP and FMJ rounds are for the most part the same price (cheap-steel-cased goodness). My question being wich would you go with?

    Would you worry about possibly sometime in the future penetrating hard/soft armor? Or would you rather enjoy the benefit of a round that opens up somewhat?

    I'm not sure these cheap HP would even open up in the first place...

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    I only buy FMJ in bulk. I use it for range ammo and shoot more of it so it makes sense to buy it like that. I pick up HP whenever I find it at a good price and just add it to the stash.
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    I generally buy FMJ or RN (round nose) in bulk as range ammo. I do shoot my carry ammo a few times a year, but it is expensive and I like to shoot. Comparing .40 cal 165 gr HP and 180 gr RN (different manufacturers) at 3 yards the difference in point of impact was about 2". But, at 25 yards there was no perceivable difference based on plate sized groups.

    So, from a very practical perspective I am able to shoot more, and more often, using the less expensive bulk ammo (that I wouldn't use as a defensive load except as a last resort) to hone my skills. It's not the only ammo I purchase, but its what I use the most of.

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    I tend to find the FMJ a lot cheaper around these parts. I don't order much because I can usually beat the prices locally. I try to keep a few hunderd rounds of HP and don't shoot it very often so the majority of purchases will be FMJ.
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    From what I have seen is most x39 rounds dont expand all that much ...I would do FMJ and soft point round ...Maybe some old steel core china/euro ak rounds that have a bit more punch ...

    I know some of the romiainin rounds are a lauqer coated .. Maybe some more cleaing but rounds are long term sealed for mosuiter
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    In regards to the x39, FMJ. I don't bother with the HP's.
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    I use FMJ sometimes and I buy it from hlammo.

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