Prepping .30-06 case necks/mouths?

Prepping .30-06 case necks/mouths?

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Thread: Prepping .30-06 case necks/mouths?

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    Prepping .30-06 case necks/mouths?

    Alright, so,

    I have on the way: Lee .30-06 Neck resizing die, Lee .30-06 bullet seater die in this combo:

    Lee Collet 2-Die Neck Sizer Set 30-06 Springfield

    Box of 100 A-Max 155 gr .308:

    Hornady A-Max Bullets 30 Cal (308 Diameter) 155 Grain Boat Tail Box of

    ...and I have 60 firing formed casings that will be loaded for use in the same rifle they were formed in.

    I don't have a tumbler. Do I need to do any special preparation to the case necks and mouths before resizing/charging/seating?
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    No special prep needed but it is a good idea to lightly chamfer the case neck to ease starting the bullet into the case mouth.
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    I would check them for case length, and trim as required.

    Assuming your gun is a conventional bolt action, only neck sizing should be required. In other actions (pump, lever, auto) which lack the camming action of the bolt, full-length resizing may be required to avoid sticky extraction - especially if 'warmer' loads are used.
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    You may get away with neck sizing only and you may not. Try a couple first and see if they will chamber easily and allow you to close the bolt without undue force. When the brass is new a light chamfer of the mouth will really help; once fired I don't know. If your '06 is a competition bolt gun there are many other steps to use. If its your hunting rifle go with what you have and enjoy shooting it.
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    My opinions:
    No tumbler needed really. Wipe the cases down to remove any die-damaging grit. Get a pack of pipe cleaners, bend over on end about an inch, and use that to scrub the inside of the neck to remove soot, grit, etc. Only takes a second per, and a tray of cases is done in no time.

    Check case length and trim as needed after resizing. Definitely inside/outside chamfer case mouth if trimming, helps even if not.

    You may find necked-sized cases may not chamber easily. It's a bad time to find that out when trying to get a follow-up shot on a nice buck. If it works with neck sizing, all the better.
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