HST +P 230gr vs. Hydra-shok +P 185gr in 4"?

This is a discussion on HST +P 230gr vs. Hydra-shok +P 185gr in 4"? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Can't search 'cause HST is too short... : ( First up is the HST 230gr: 960fps 470ft/lbs force next is what I carry now, the ...

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Thread: HST +P 230gr vs. Hydra-shok +P 185gr in 4"?

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    HST +P 230gr vs. Hydra-shok +P 185gr in 4"?

    Can't search 'cause HST is too short... : (

    First up is the HST 230gr:
    470ft/lbs force

    next is what I carry now, the Hydra-shok 185gr:
    525ft/lbs force

    Basically, the HST's are the new deal right? And as some have tested (see link below) the removal of the center post doesn't seem to effect expansion or cause over penetration. My only real question is that I've been suggested to use 185gr vs. 230gr in a 4" because the barrel isn't long enough to get the heavier bullet up to speed, but since you guys are pretty much law, I was wondering was anybody here using my current carry and then switched over to the new heavier HST's on their 4" or even 3" with no problems? I just bought 200 rounds of the original hydra-shok's so I don't want to go through them all if I'm going to switch my carry ammo anyways.

    hst sex pictures:

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    shoot the one that feeds and hits the best if you can't hit it, it won't matter what you shoot.
    The length of the barrel will have extremely small effect on the speed, handgun rounds are designed to expand at lower speeds so a couple of fps won't matter.

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    You may want to try the search feature again. I typed HST and got back 3 pages worth of hits.

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    I use 230+P tactical HST and 200+P Tactical EFMJ in both my commander and full size 1911's and don't notice much difference as far as barrel length is concerned.

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    As someone whose world was turned upside down by "Stopping Power" I do think there is some merit to carrying lighting bullets in compact guns. For me, it means carrying magtech 165 +p JHP in my G30. Speed kills.

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    With all the reading and web based research I've done, not a lot, I have chosen the 185 grain +P JHP.

    The .45 is notorious for losing velocity at a rapid rate when fired from a less than 5" barrel. I use the lighter bullet to help compensate that. In 9mm velocity loss isn't as critical. This is only my opinion and YMMV.

    I don't have a chrono and rely on other well known people to print articles on this stuff in the monthly "Gun Rags". Much of my selection was made years ago and my information may be outdated.


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    I like big pumkins at any speed.Always go bang is the most important.
    I am an American. I vote. I will serve on a jury when called. Its a MEMBERS ONLY thing.

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    I like Gold Dots and have NEVER seen HST around here,
    or for sale on the net.

    My .45 carry load.

    Caliber : .45ACP

    Bullet : 185gr. Speer Gold Dot JHP

    Ballistics : 1225fps - 616 ft./lbs. - 5" 1911

    You really Don't need a 10mm, with DT .45 ACP around!

    Living, He loved me
    Dying, He saved me..
    -Casting Crowns.


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