S&W .40 ammo help?

S&W .40 ammo help?

This is a discussion on S&W .40 ammo help? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently just purchased my first gun with a higher caliber then .22 and I'm kind of lost on what ammo I should buy. For ...

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Thread: S&W .40 ammo help?

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    S&W .40 ammo help?

    I recently just purchased my first gun with a higher caliber then .22 and I'm kind of lost on what ammo I should buy. For anyone who hasn't read my introduction post, I purchased a S&W SD40 VE recently, and I love it. I bought a box of MagTech rounds while I was at the range, and its decent enough for practice rounds. But it was $20 for a box of 50, which I hear is pretty decently priced. Idk, that's why I'm here Lol. So my question is this; what brand do you fine people recommend? And what type? Solid or hollow point? FMJ, JHP? if so, bonded or non-bonded? I'm completely in the dark and need some guidance. I metaphorically throw myself at your feet Lol oh, and where should I shop?
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    I carry 40 cal and my round is either Speer gold dots or hst ... I do also carry critical defensive bonds ammo ..

    I normal use eagle or white box for training fmj for training hp for carry ..

    I like sga ammo for bulk though wil use others like Cabalas as they are ok and have free shipping .. Also Walmart for plinking ammo
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    I have the same gun, but upgraded to a FS 40cal M&P. I always shoot the same 165gr weight in JHP or FMJ. I usually buy 100 count WWB at wally world for practice, and use either Winchester Ranger or PDX1 for SD. I did find that the SD40VE I have is more accurate with 165gr Rem Golden Sabers. You need to try a few different ones to see what works best for you. Good luck!
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    I have a Ruger SR40C that basically can shoot anything. I have had TulAmmo (Steel Cased), Blazer, CCI, Federal but what I prefer for practice is Winchester White Box (180 Grain) and for SD I have Hornady Critical Duty (175 Grain)
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    I carry the 155 grain federal hydra shok jhp, in my gun, and I shoot federal fmj at the range.
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    I was very pleased with sgammo.com. They have great prices on ammo. I purchased some Federal HST 180 Gr Gov. Contract brass for $23.95/50 rds. It fed through my Shield great. As for target ammo, I have used the Winchester White box target 165 gr FMJs from Wal-mart, $37.98?/100 rds. Whatever SD ammo you go with, make sure you run at minumum 25 rounds through your gun, just to ensure it will "go bang" every time before you bet your life on it!
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    Pick any modern reputable manufacturers JHP and you will be fine. I like 180 gr bullets myself but I try and generally carry the heaviest bullet I can. Winchester PDX1 is an affordably priced defensive round, as is the Hornady offerings critical defense or the XTP offerings. I carry both the PDX1 and hornady XTP in my 9mm's and my 45's. Corbon, buffalo bore, speer, remington, federal, and others all have excellent offerings in defensive ammo. Keep in mind there is no magic bullet. Find one that feeds reliably and shioots accurately in your gun and carry with confidence.
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    Any modern hollow point made by a big ammo company should work for defensive use. Practice ammo can be what ever works in your gun.
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    I prefer the 155's in my 40, faster yest still carrying enough weight for caliber.
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    Good advice. I carry a Sig P239 in .40 and I carry two different types of ammunition depending on the time of year. Summer most people have light clothing on and any hollow point will do in my use. During the winter I wear some pretty heavy clothes and so I alternate a hollow point with a jacketed round . Just a preference and honestly your placement of that shot is what is going to save the day.

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    Gold Dot

    'Nuff said.
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    I carry Speer Gold Dot 165 grain for my defensive load in my G-23 and when the price is right Speer Lawman 165 grain FMJ for practice otherwise a named brand brass case ammo such as Winchester, Fiocchi, Remington, ect.

    Any quality premium ammo from a named brand manufacture that works in your gun should do you just fine. The fun is in the experimenting with different weights and brands in your particular firearm.

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    When I had my G23 I carried 180gr Federal HST ammo. But I like Gold Dots in my .357 Magnum. But either should be just fine for SD purposes.
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    I'm a fan of Gold Dots and use them primarily but hornady and other brands have worked well too. There may be times where you may have to take what you can get even if it's not your "go to" choice. I like what I like but that doesn't mean all the other choices are not going to do the job too.

    I tend buy WWB for practice... I'm not a fan of the cheaper steel cased ammo.

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    Practice ammo - Georgia arms "canned heat"
    Carry ammo Underwood speer bonded unicorn or xtp.

    My cc load s there 155gr speer . 1302fps from a 4" barrel.

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