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This is a discussion on storing ammo in clips within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by sharps4570 Spring meterial technology has made major advances in recent years. Mag springs seem to last for ever anymore. If you are ...

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Thread: storing ammo in clips

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharps4570 View Post
    Spring meterial technology has made major advances in recent years. Mag springs seem to last for ever anymore. If you are concerned once a year order new ones from Wolf and discard the old ones, they ain't expensive.
    Depends on what you consider cheap! HK .45c mag springs are 13 bucks a pop!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deepsea View Post
    I know this is about storing ammo in mags and the spring issue, but just read about a problem with using the same top round in the same mag over and over when going locked and loaded repeatedly and finally getting to fire the round. The case was a police officer that cleared his gun at the end of his shift and reloaded the round on top, this went on for several months before he went to the range and fired that mag. The bullet is forced back in the case and compress the load and the result was a slide being blown off the weapon. Just food for thought.
    I will inspect my loaded mags about every 3 months, but otherwise have no worries with leaving my mags loaded. What I am inspecting for is any sudden damage, ammo corrosion, etc.

    What Deep Sea is noting is probably one of the most important things to remember, especially if you are regularly unloading/loading your weapon. Rotate and inspect those bullets regularly! I had two Corbon 10mm hunting loads that I had to dispose of recently because the bullets had recessed deeper into the casing after only 3-5 times of loading them into the weapon. Even more amazing was the fact that the bullets were crimped into the casing to prevent that from happening. I hate to think what would have happened if I had tried to fire them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewy8 View Post
    excuse me mag not clip. i have a glock 30 with the 10 round mags. i was just worried that if i left the mag fully loaded for a long time being months or years if it would weaken the spring inside. ive asked quite a few peoples opinion here locally and they all tell me different things.
    I have been carrying the Glock 30 since 1996 and I still have the original mags and I've probably kept them fully loaded without changing the ammo for over a year with no issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewy8 View Post
    does anyone know if it is bad for the clips to store your ammo in them for a long period of time? i just dont want to wear out the spring inside the clip from just keeping the ammo inside it for long periods of time and not being used.
    I don't believe clips have springs. If you meant magazines, then no, storing loaded will not damage anything. spring steel can be compressed or uncompressed for any length of time with little to no wear on the spring strength, or integrity of the metal. What does wear spring steel over time, is compressing and uncompressing the metal repeatedly. This is why after frequent use, over time, it's a good idea to replace the spring, or magazine. All of your magazines should remain loaded fully at all times in my personal view. Otherwise, why bother having them? If you end up needing them in a pinch, they're ready to go.

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    After like 4 years I think this dilemma has been resolved. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud White View Post
    you can not wear out a mag spring it sitting

    read the stories of people shooting mags that were last loaded in WWII

    the actually cycling of the mag during normal firing is what wears it out not leaving it loaded

    There not clips also only gun that truly uses a clip is a m1 garand

    otherwise they are Magazines
    Hmmmmm, lots of military bolt gun were designed to use clips. One of the reasons the military replaced the Krag with the mauser knock off 1903 springfield.


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    With any luck the OP will have a mag that he loaded when he posted this so we can get a nearly 6 year update on how it's working.
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    I would be curious about that (same round at top of mag) since I have heard the same thing.

    As far as wearing out a magazine by keeping it fully loaded. I certainly hope not, because I have almost all of my magazines (AR, SIGPRO 40 Cal,
    SW99 9mm and Sig Mosquito) topped off and ready to go if necessary. I do worry about the Mosquito just because of people talking about feeding problems withthat particular weapon.
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    I have kept both of mine fully loaded with no issues. I have seen magazine issues with 1911 mags at my gun clubs rentals where the spring weakens and the last round jambs. For the two weapons I own a Ruger 9mm and S&W .40, never had an issue.
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    I keep rifle mags as well as handgun mags filled at all times with no problems. I don't see any sense in not filling them completely or not leaving them filled for long periods of time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lowflyer View Post
    Yes, the spring will eventually wear out if the magazine is kept full. Depending on too many variables to count, the length of time it will take will likely be measured in decades.
    Absolutely. Even stone wears out ... look at the Grand Canyon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewy8 View Post
    does anyone know if it is bad for the clips to store your ammo in them for a long period of time? i just dont want to wear out the spring inside the clip from just keeping the ammo inside it for long periods of time and not being used.
    Do you mean the magazine, clips don't normally have springs?
    No it does not harm a compression spring to be stored in the compressed state. What wears out springs is constant cycling to and from the compressed state.
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    What I was told by a spring guru is that the springs are fine compressed it is the constant compression and depression of them that can weaken them a little.. He also says that the springs are designed to compress pass the point of the amound of ammo by a couple more rounds worth of pressure... Im not sure, its a good question, I keep mine loaded but im gonna get extra and leave them empty just to be safe

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