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.38 Special Snub Nose ammo

This is a discussion on .38 Special Snub Nose ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Another vote for Speer GD HP SB. I also load these in my wifes 6" barreled ruger .357 because she can't handle .357 loads....

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Thread: .38 Special Snub Nose ammo

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    Another vote for Speer GD HP SB. I also load these in my wifes 6" barreled ruger .357 because she can't handle .357 loads.
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    +1 more for the 135 +p gold dot (638). The 125gr gold dot is almost as good - just expands a little slower.
    About the Fed. 110gr PD hydra shock rounds, My wife shoots these in a mod 49 - bigger stocks/heavierweight/less recoil. Penitration seems to be significantly less than others (standard pressure round), but I feel better with her carrying those than her PP in .32
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    Speer's 135 gr. +P Gold Dot in .38 spl. has earned quite a respectable reputation. That's my choice for .38 snubbies.

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    Yep, Speer GD 135 gr +P SB for me too. Make sure you're getting the stuff marked "short barrel" as well. I'd like to try the Cor-Bon 110 gr DPX, but for a buck a round, I'll stick with the cheaper Gold Dot round that I know works in my gun.

    For target/plinking, you can't beat Black Hills 148 gr wadcutter - it's a dream to shoot and very accurate!

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    If interested, here are some informal test results on the DPX vs Gold Dot vs LSWCHP+P:


    ...an article that focuses on the Remington 158-gr. LSWCHP+P:


    ...and a thread on some standard pressure loads:



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    Very good info there, Mr Camp! :)
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    Cool .38 ammo

    I'm gonna break the Speer wave going here and side with the Rem. Golden Saber 125gr. +P BJHP

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    Check out my results with the Gold Dots vs Remington UMC SJHP.

    CZ 75 PCR
    Glock 19

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    Talking 125grs Funnel Point 38spl + P

    Im not fond of a 38spl in any option,+P or normal,but in one ocasion I made some 38 for a frend of mine.Very nice 55 year old lady. I tried couple of options but on gelatine test,the best results whose with 125grs Funnel Point (1030ft/s) and 125grs Golden Saber (1022ft/s).
    Piece whose S&W 60 2.1/2 in 357. In category of 38,I think it would be a good choice,because it is fast and open every time .
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