Am I the only person with this problem

Am I the only person with this problem

This is a discussion on Am I the only person with this problem within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have found that after a day at the range using .45ACP WWB in my Taurus 24/7 PRO, that it is EXTREMELY dirty. It take ...

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Thread: Am I the only person with this problem

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    Am I the only person with this problem

    I have found that after a day at the range using .45ACP WWB in my Taurus 24/7 PRO, that it is EXTREMELY dirty. It take me about an hour to get the barrel to a point that I am satisfied that all the carbon is gone. I have ben accused as a bit anal by the wife. I even have to take a dentists tool to remove the carbon from the bottom of the ridges. I use brass brushes with Blue Wonder and repeat the process at least 5 times. In my other guns, I have never had this problem using WWB ( 9mm, 357 MAG, etc...). I have not tried WinClean or any of the cleaner burning rounds. Also, I have never been able to get the inside of the barrel to shine, it has always had a very dull metal shine. Any info would be appreciated
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    I agree...

    I agree with you on this. The WWB in 9mm is very dirty burning. It takes me forever to get my firearm clean after a range session.

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    It is kind of dirty, but there are brands out there that are even worse such as Wolf. All of the "cheaper" range ammo tends to be dirtier than the premium defensive rounds because they use cheaper powder.

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    I Don't Worry About 'Dirty' Ammo...

    I use Wolf in 9mm...bought 1000 rounds for $108 some time ago...
    I even clean the shells before 'use'...takes the film off and seems to help.
    I don't mind over cleaning my weapons...yep, anal too...

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    How many rounds do you fire between cleanings ?

    I can put 250 jacketed rds through ANY of my pistols and still get the barrel
    shiny clean in a few minutes.
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    You might want to try a different solvent. The traditional Hoppes isn't always the best solvent out there.
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    My PT-101 that is 12 years old has eaten over 25,000 rounds of everything from cheap to expensive, and while some ammo's do burn cleaner than others, I can get the barrel shiney every time using Hoppe's #9 and a bronze bore brush. The process doesn't even take long either. Maybe an hour to do a detailed field strip. The weapon has only been detailed once in 12 years.

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    We use WWB in 9mm and .45. It is a bit sooty, but we have never noticed any problem with cleanup using Hoppe's or and any other product. The problem may have something to do with that particular barrel.
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    I would think there might be an issue with the barrel and it not being real shiny to begin with.

    I shoot WWB, Rem Green Box, Blazer Brass, Independence, Federal, and Reloads in my Sig. The barrel takes only 10 minutes or so to get to a mirror shine in the bore and the entire gun only about 10 minutes more with any of them. I shoot 200-300 rounds each session and don't find any one of the mentioned ammo's to be any dirtier than the others.

    I use Hoppe's "Semi-Automitic" cleaner. Brush first and 3-4 patches for a great shine.
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    Me too.

    I've found that WWB in 9mm to be dirtier than Wolf. I've never had a problem with either running 500rds my Taurus 92FS at one range visit. But WWB has more gunk and takes more time cleaning it out.
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    You mean you are supposed to clean them after you use them????
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