Favorite 12 gauge home defense load?

Favorite 12 gauge home defense load?

This is a discussion on Favorite 12 gauge home defense load? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For those of us who choose a 12 gauge as our home defense gun, what is your favorite load?...

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  • 1 Ounce slug

    3 2.97%
  • 000 Buckshot

    2 1.98%
  • 00 Buckshot

    47 46.53%
  • 1 Buckshot

    26 25.74%
  • 4 Buckshot

    21 20.79%
  • Birdshot BBB-4

    1 0.99%
  • Birdshot 5-8

    3 2.97%
  • Less Lethal

    0 0%
  • Slug/Buckshot Combo (Winchester PDX1)

    5 4.95%
  • Double round ball

    0 0%
  • Other

    1 0.99%
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Thread: Favorite 12 gauge home defense load?

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    Favorite 12 gauge home defense load?

    For those of us who choose a 12 gauge as our home defense gun, what is your favorite load?

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    2 3/4" Win Mil Spec Buckshot.
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    Here's my choice.


    00 Buck is a proven preformer!
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    00buck 9 pellet. Pick whatever brand you want in whatever flavor you like.

    Low recoil, flight control and all that tactical style stuff.

    I run the cheaper Winchester Super X from Wal-Mart. It's quality ammo and will keep a tight pattern within a house.

    It's very effective at neutralizing any close threats, but keep in mind the over penetration of it.

    Lot of shotgun myths out there that are very misleading. Find out the facts and not the hearsay. The shotgun is one of the most misunderstood weapons in my opinion. But those who know what a scatter gun can do love them.
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    2 3/4 00 Buck.

    00 buck pellets are .33cal. There are 9 in one shell. Like shooting a whole magazine of 9mm in one shot...... my shotgun carries 7 magazines. 56 shots. Very effective.
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    I carry a gun, because a Cop is too heavy.

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    #4 would be the lightest if that is your need for your dwelling.
    00 would be the heaviest of your situation allows it.
    I split the difference and went with #1.

    Don't even bother with bird shot. #2 express turkey loads might be interesting in a small home ( <15' shots).
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    Federal Flight Control #1 Buckshot
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickBurkhardt View Post
    Federal Flight Control #1 Buckshot
    Double 00 buck. Where I live over penenstrating aint a worry.
    Actually i prefer something i can shoot thru an interior wall and still get the job done on a BG if situation called for it.
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    2-3/4" #1 Buck, for me. Not as much kick as the #00, a bit better spread, somewhat less penetration (from various independent tests), sufficient ballistics to get the job done (IMO), and I end up with better repeatable accuracy in that load as compared to #00. Works for me.
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    Well from the very first time I shot them my fave 12G loads are the 1oz Slug first 00 Buck 2nd and last #4 Buck or BB Buck. That was from about 25-30 years ago. Since that fateful day I bought 5R of Slug and 5R of 00 Buck only ONCE have I bought some practice loads of bird shot.

    I don't much like the ideer of using 00 or #4 Buckshot to stop intruders. So long as my first rounds hit COM I finger a 72caliber 1 oz ball should grab the attention of the first slime ball breaking into my home. For this scenario I prefer my AK.
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    Hornady Critical Defence and Hornady Super Performance
    Both are 8 pellet 00 Buckshot.
    I used a Maverick 88 and fired it from 21'.
    Hornady Super Performance are about $13 for 10 shells.
    Hornady Critical Defence are about $15 for 10 shells.

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    If 00 buck is good enough for the police and military, I figure it'll cover my needs.
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    2¾" #1 Buckshot
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    This comes up pretty regular here on DC. Below is a discussion that includes quite a bit on shotgun loads used for HD/SD and another with some hunting applications.

    Suburban Homestead defense - Long gun considerations

    Shotgun for predator clean up
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