Had My first Squib Last night

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Thread: Had My first Squib Last night

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    Had My first Squib Last night

    Factory White Box Winchester!!!!! ***

    out of G19 lastnight. Out of 22 years of pulling triggers this is the first.
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    Had one 4 years ago with WWB in 45 at least the bullet barely stuck in the barrel as it cycled and tried to load a fresh round but couldnt make it into the chamber fully

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    Only squib I have had was a .44Mag reload but had enough powder to push bullet out the barrel. Felt like shooting a .22Mag. Sure makes on look closer and pay attention when reloading. That was baout 25 years ago.

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    Had a few with reloads. 1 reload mine, the rest someone elses during training. better than the alternative though.
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    Had a few squibs last year or year before i traced back to bad primers my reloads

    only the one factory load though guess its a good thing i dont go wild shooting as it is a good way to bulge a barrel

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    Well.............................................. .................Congrats.....................
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    Only one I remember was reloaded shotgun shell, the felt wad stopped at the end of the barrel. Do not think it had any powder.

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    I have had several with Remington Golden .22 LR. I bought a brick for a day at the range with my brother, and they kept getting stuck in the barrel; but only in the rifles. I stopped buying them after that.
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    aimhigh beat me to it. I was going to say congrats too. Now remember that odd sound, it could save your gun and you in the future.
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    A squib is a phenomenon in gunmanship in which a bullet that is fired does not have enough force behind it to clear the barrel, forcing the next round to ram into it when fired. Can be extremely dangerous, causing damage to the firearm as well as injury, or death, to the user.
    I had to look it up.

    I've never heard that word used that way, to me a squib is a explosive charge used to jettison a bomb rack from an aircraft.
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    Squibs are also the special effect explosives used to simulate bullet hits on film. It's all the same, really - just an underpowered explosion.

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    I've only had a squib in a shotgun. In fact it was when I was goose hunting. When I pulled the trigger it looked like my gun farted


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